01.18.2013 08:40 AM

Stupidity watch: “Controversial reporter”

So says the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada about Stephen Maher.

Words do not fully express how breathtakingly stupid this is. Stupider than a box of hair. Stupider than a sack of hammers. Stupider than a coat of second paint. Stupider than rice. Stupider than spit. Stupider than Sarah Palin and Dubya.

Actually, I take that back. Even Palin and Dubya wouldn’t have done something like this.

Maher, meanwhile, has just become even more popular than he was before. A raise is in order too, I think.


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    smelter rat says:

    The Ottawa Pretenders are becoming unhinged.

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    SaltAir says:

    My sincerest hope is this will wake up the decision-makers in the MSM. That said. I have been disappointed before .

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    Kelly says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything different from the bunch of top to bottom phonies trashing Canada, right now. It looks sort of like a death spasm of a political career hurtling toward the knackers. There will be others.

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    J.W. says:

    I agree with PMO!
    Maher is controversial compared the rest of the Ottawa Press establishment, who are never, never controversial and never cease in their endless quest to win the favour of the Conservative Party and Government: talking points presented as news, leaks reported gleefully as if they were investigative journalism at its best, silence at staged news conferences and photo ops, pretending speeches and releases are actually true, faking that staged events are actually significant or important, and utter fear of questioning authority etc.

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    Andy says:

    I do think watching the eventual immolation of the Conservative party is going to be extraordinarily amusing.
    Don’t know when it will happen- but it will be spectacular.

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      Morgan says:

      Waiting in a neat circle around our Prime Minister’s feet are all the issues that just wouldn’t stick to him.
      I agree, it will be amusing to watch them all get rejuvenated at once. For a clean exit, Harper should quit now.

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    Ken Tufts says:

    What have you got against rice?

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    bill says:

    I like it. Hit back. Mahar has spent a year “unearthing” dirty little details about well, nothing so far. Wasnt he also the reporter who had dug up a story about the Cons reporting donations from a dozen contributors who said they never wrote cheques to the CPC only to find out they did? Young Mr Trudeau snapped at a Sun reporter a few months ago claiming the Sun chain wasnt really a news outlet, and, I liked that too. Politics in Canada is for the most part, boring. Today’s big news scandal is a public letter written by the Finance Minister urging the CRTC to consider an application…a public letter. A reporter getting under the skin of the PMO and the PMO hitting back is refreshing, probably dumb, but, refreshing none the less.

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    Sean says:

    Since 2006 I’ve had an inkling that Del Mastro’s career and/or the careers of several people around him would end with a wild scenario worthy of the Fifth Estate. Keep your eyes on this guy. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and more fun is on the way.

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    patrick says:

    How do we elect a Prime Minister and a Mayor so socially detached that they are incapable of learning from their mistakes. One, is by most standards, bright, and the other, by all standards a cretin, but they both can only deal with opposition in the most venal and petty ways.
    I don’t understand.
    Supposedly we are in a media world where appearances are everything, but some how we missed the ill set, cold, nasty and vacant eyes staring out at us from the television when we were voting.
    Are we really this angry that these are the people we have chosen to represent us?
    Or are we ill served by our election process and it’s just another case of the money wins?

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