01.27.2013 03:18 PM

The First Lady of the Great White North

I may be a small-L liberal, but I remain an unabashed fan of Laureen Harper. One of the best Prime Ministerial spouses to appear on the scene in our history, I dare say. More here.


  1. reformatory says:

    mmmm… I liked Aline Chretien, Margaret Trudeau, and Maureen McTeer far better.

    The only thing I’ll give ya is that Laureen Harper is better than Martin’s wife. She was a dud!

  2. smelter rat says:

    Seriously? She’s completely invisible out here in the toolies.

  3. que sera sera says:

    I suspect the sterilized & homogenized public personas of “Lurleen & Cletus” will always be an inspiration to the evangelical fundamentalist Canadian neo-con crowd whose idea of heaven on earth is possessing a “green card” to coordinate with their illegal handguns and environmental depredations.

    And for the rest of us? Meh………….not so much.

    First Lady?????!! Please.

  4. Reality.Bites says:

    She may be the greatest person to have ever walked the earth, but she’s not our “First Lady.” She’s the woman who happens to be married to our prime minister and is no more first lady of Canada than Jane Rounthwaite is first lady of Ontario.

  5. Canada Joe says:

    Wow, some real small minded people here.

  6. WDM says:

    She’s pretty great. Does a lot of good around town too.

  7. James Smith says:

    um, dude?

    • Warren says:

      What’s wrong with that? Can’t do any federal stuff, ’cause I write about federal stuff for the Sun chain. Won’t do any provincial stuff, because a decade is plenty.

      Small “l.” Unless you want me to join another Liberal Party!

  8. Michael Behiels says:

    Yes Warren you have fought the good fight as a conservatiive small ‘l’ liberal for over twenty years.

    Yes! Harper’s wife is a genuine, warm hearted human being who is probably also a conservative small ‘l’ liberal like many Calgarian women and men that I know.

    But, unlike Duffy’s smoozing, this will not get you a Senate seat!

    Let’s us all know what your future portends!

    You will be missed.

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