01.11.2013 03:03 PM

Toronto Star Intelligence Unit on OLP leadership: union “absolutely right”?

Um, I don’t think so.

I hope Messrs. Crone et al. do not mind me reprinting a pared-down part of the Star’s excellent regular subsciption-based publication. Bolding added for your elucidation.  Link to the interview, here.


“[Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Kathleen] Wynne says Sam Hammond, the head of the elementary teachers union, is “absolutely right” and the process that led to imposed contracts under Bill 115 is “flawed”Wynne made the comments Thursday in an interview  with Matt Galloway of CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

Her comments were swamped by the announcement later that morning Murray was dropping out of the leadership race. Wynne’s conciliatory comments toward the teachers were made even as her government was taking its case to the Ontario Labour Relations Board to get the planned walkout stopped.

The walkout was called off early Friday after the board ruled it would be an “unlawful strike.”

…[Wynne] responded to a question about what can be done to repair the relationship with teachers:

“Well, I think Sam (Hammond) is absolutely right, that we need now to have the conversation about what comes next,” Wynne said. “There needs to be a respectful process and that needs to be finalized.”


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    Mike Adamson says:

    He’s right in calling for a day of protest or he’s right in opposing Bill 115 and how the issue has been handled generally?

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      Michael says:

      Or you could put the quote in context. 😉

      Yes the government and the union have to have a conversation about what comes next. And yes it should be a respectful process.

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        Warren says:

        Start your own web site and do it yourself.

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          Mike Adamson says:

          grump 😉

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