01.30.2013 07:08 AM


…if this guy says something’s good, it always isn’t.


  1. Todd Robson says:

    “Eric Hoskins had absolutely no way of knowing which choice was a disaster and which was a career-maker.” We should let history determine that and not just a single Saturday.

  2. dillon says:

    Looks like hoskins got Minister of Health. I’m surprised Sorbara was involved but this type of sleazy conduct is not unusual for the Magnet man. His endorsement of Pupatello was certainly a ploy to infiltrate Pupatello’ camp.

    • Sean says:

      I’d go one further. I think Hoskins and Kennedy both know that Wynne is already cooked. Election in a few months. Resignation by the summer. New Leadership convention about this time next year.

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