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Fife breaks Brazeau story

… and this one is indeed big news.

(And let’s not forget who appointed him to the Senate in the first place.)

35 Responses to “Fife breaks Brazeau story”

  1. WDM says:

    Believe Denis wisely deleted the tweet. I know what he meant (Brazeau getting booted from caucus), but can’t put a line like that attached to a tweet the mentions domestic violence.

  2. Bruce A says:

    I don’t think Harper has good judgement about anything.

    He’s been lucky to date.

    Then again, he is sneaky, secretative and smart alecky like the rest of ‘em. Has there ever been a more brazen, unrepentant troglodyte than the Duffmeister?

    Brazeau just seems dumb

  3. deb s says:

    the timing of this story is very telling…it knocks the robocall fraud situation in saskatchewan out of news. I bet the conservatives and Jenny Byrne acted swiftly to get this scandal front and center and then promote how they kick the bad apples out from their midst.
    meanwhile the fraud and corruption continue behind the scenes:(

    • !o! says:

      I dunno, robocalls are getting media attention in Saskatchewan, which is sensible, and which is where most of the fallout will be. If/When the EC investigation results start breaking, the Saskatchewan case will be brought back into the discourse.

      It’s not like this story is good press for CPC or anything.

  4. !o! says:

    That’s quite a bit of speculation.

  5. will says:

    Didn’t you post something deploring the actions of some Tories’ disgraceful behaviour taking advantage of Joyce Fairbairn’s illness a few months back? You were right back then. Don’t sully that position now.

  6. Matt says:

    I don’t know, as Freud said: ‘Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.’ in this case, sometimes a jerk is just a jerk… He is however a Conservative jerk of the highest order. I don’t think he is bright enough to be in on any larger conspiracy. That said, Justin couldn’t have found a better guy to punch.

  7. Lee Potts says:

    Hi Warren, This is coming to you as your name was on the top of the editorial page. I have a complaint re one of the lesser reporters who works for the Crowsnest Pass Promoter. Who do we complain to as to totally unsubstanciated facts she prints. This is the second time this Joni MacFarlane has done this. Yours Truly Lee Potts

  8. Susan says:

    Handy diversion from Robocall SK. I wonder what actually happened? I can’t quite see Brazeau willingly throwing himself under a bus to do Harper a favour, but then I don’t know him. This is right on the heels of his public trashing of Chief Spence, which I did think was done with knowledge of the PMO.

    He’s not losing his Senate seat.

    Justin Trudeau looks better by the day.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      Police tape around the house and Brazeau currently in the hoosegow, having been arrested? Something bad happened to somebody.

      Brazeau had already had his salary garnisheed to pay child support owing. He has already been in the cooker for sexual harassment. This guy has a real problem dealing with women and is already held in great disdain by his own community.

      If, according to Robert Fife’s tweet, he is actually charged with sexual assault and domestic violence, he’s in a shitload of trouble, and if convicted, he can be removed from the Senate.

      Good riddance.

      • Chris says:

        “by his own community”

        By most accounts he doesn’t even seem to have a community – his actions have left him pretty isolated, I think.

    • !o! says:

      Nah. I don’t give them that much credit.

      to me it’s more like ‘Look, we are appointing an Native North American Senator, see? We’re inclusive. Diverse. No racism. We respect aboriginal peoples, look!’

      The fact that Brazeau was the best Conservative that fits the bill they could find says a hell of a lot about how aboriginal people here view how much respect the CPC has for them.

      • tf says:

        There we go…

        And he’s just too young to be a senator – not yet 40 years old. I know, I know, ageism – but being a senator “should” require wisdom and experience and common sense. This young man is still finding out who he is, let alone helping with the governance of Canada.

        • MCBellecourt says:

          I think the rest of the thinking population has already figured out who PattyDukes Brazeau is, and it ain’t pretty. I know people that are a decade younger with far more wisdom and decorum than Brazeau has ever demonstrated.

          Aw, gawwwwd, I just got a mental picture of the guy in that Speedo…AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

      • AmandaM says:

        I actually think they knew he was a problem and would be able to say, “see, Indians can’t even be senators”. Cynical? Yes. But I wouldn’t put it past them.

        • !o! says:

          I’m sure some people think that way.

          I’m not sure that that was the (an?) idea from the beginning– in order for there to have been forethought, this homogenous ‘they’ you speak of would have had to have anticipated a blowup like this, and still concluded that the PR damage to the party was worth being able to say ‘see, Indians can’t even be senators’. I don’t actually think that’s very likely, since power seems to be the important central objective to the party’s inner core, and this scenario isn’t really conducive to achieving and maintaining it.

          It makes them look like a bunch of goons, really, who wanted to show everyone how un-goonish they were by giving an aboriginal boy a chance at being a Senator. And it blew up, and they look even more goonish now than before.

        • The Doctor says:

          Oh, Jesus, that’s just insane.

  9. Steve T says:

    Whether this was a clever plot by Harper to discredit the Senate or not, anything that gets rid of the Senate (or requires them to be “Tripe E”) is good in my books. Unelected, unaccountable, and unproductive is the current approach, and it needs fixing in a hurry.

    • Les Miller says:

      I prefer a “Single E” Senate. As in “Eliminated”

      If this is a “clever plot” by Mr. Harper, it has backfired horribly. Kicking the guy out of the Tory caucus doesn’t make up for the mistake made in appointing him in the first place. And the same goes for Mike Duffy, no matter how either of their “cases” turn out.

      In my opinion, they were just dumb-ass choices. I really don’t buy Stephen Harper as the evil mastermind. I mean, no soliloquy proclaiming his absolute dominance over Michael Ignatieff just before his utter destruction? What kind of evil mastermind is that?

  10. !o! says:

    Oh look. PMSH finishes his hockey book. Isn’t that nice? Isn’t that timely and convenient? Just when the CPC started looking more like a mob of goons than a party, robocalling, domestic disputes, we are reassured that they’re just like us. Why, if they weren’t, how could the leader have written a book about the origins of hockey? Just finished, today in fact.

    Wonder how long that bomb had been waiting for. Just goes to show that they’re at least a bit worried about damage.

  11. Gayle says:

    Personally, I have always seen Brazeau as a total opportunist. He saw that if he turned his back on other Aboriginal groups and started advocating the same things as the conservatives do (ie. stop living off “taxpayer subsidies”) it would benefit him personally, and it has.

    Harper appointed him to the Senate because he is an Aboriginal who wants to resolve the Aboriginal “problem” the same way Harper does.

    It should have been obvious to Harper that he is an opportunist, but that did not matter because in this case their goals were mutually beneficial.

    How this can do anything but reflect on Harper’s judgement is beyond me.

    • MCBellecourt says:

      Funny how he (The Harper) dropped Brazeau like a hot potato hours after the incident. He doesn’t usually do that to a male member of his caucus. People posting on the Ceeb have speculated that the PMO already knows a helluva lot more than the rest of us do, and I’m thinking the same.

  12. Marc L says:

    Sure, Brazeau’s arrest is another conspiracy by Harper. Before reading this thread, I thought I had heard it all. And, you wonder why the Liberal Party is in third place.

    • The Doctor says:

      Exactly. There’s a commenter who posts here sometimes whose favourite term to describe this phenomenon is “Harper Derangement Syndrome”. This is a perfect example.

  13. Eric Weiss says:

    So everything anybody does that gets on the news is somehow part of a Stephen Harper Machiavellian master plan?

    You guys slay me.

  14. MCBellecourt says:

    For my part, when I said that “the PMO knows more than the the rest of us”, I meant that they may have been privy to more info re. the seriousness of the situation, and nothing more than that.

    It turns out that I and those posters may have been right. It’s pretty serious.

    Brazeau was formally charged with sexual assault and domestic assault just now (0645PT). Some intrepid photog caught a snap of him getting out of a truck to go into court, and the man looked like hell.

    Although I doubt he’ll do the full sentence, he could face up to ten years for the sex assault and five years for the domestic assault. He has been suspended from the Red Chamber, and if convicted, will likely be booted out of the Senate.

  15. deb s says:

    no I dont think that the harper team is that good, Lol
    but I do think they control what gets out sometimes…though Im no PR expert:)

  16. The Doctor says:

    Quite a conspiracy theory indeed. It’s like somebody who’s been charged with sexual assault going out and murdering somebody, just to divert attention from that sexual assault charge. Deb S, your mind is working way overtime. Cut back on the hallucinogens.

  17. Lynn says:

    oh, please let it be so
    never could stand him as a journalist and dislike him more as a senator (disgrace to both professions imo)
    on his web site he states he “Mike wants to hear from you”
    send him a note asking him about housing allowances and ethics – I have mine all ready to send — I am just asking how can I get his deal, please explain since I too would like to reside in another province and keep a place in NS — tell us Mike how does one do that and get money from the poor tax payer to do it — unethical sob


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