02.14.2013 09:13 AM

Byline: I’m giving up the Senate for Lent


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    Anne Peterson says:

    The price is high for getting a senate appointment, eh? Mike Duffy had to give up all his journalistic ethics. Pamela Wallin had to give up the respect Canadians once had for her. Some of the others had to join the sleezy world of harper politics. Or were sleezy enough to begin with to become part of that world.

    I don’t do Lent but I’m giving up the senate too. I don’t even capitalize it. I don’t capitalize conservative either, nor do I capitalize harper most of the time. He is not a proper noun. He is a very common noun. Never since the man gained his phoney majority have I put the words Prime Minister and harper together in a written sentence or in my mind. He has never been that to me. Wait till the historians get hold of his legacy.

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    Greg from Calgary says:

    Excellent points Warren. As an aside I read the first chapter of your book “Fight the Right” for free at chapters before the dirty looks of the staff caused me to slink out. Do I still get my driveway shovelled or do I need to actually go back and buy it?

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    Philippe says:

    You guys are so friendly these days, it’s freaking me out.

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    steve says:

    I think we need the senate to prevent someone like Harper pulling a Hitler on parliament. However it should be reduced to four members for big provinces and two members for small based upon some population cap. Also the membership should be distinginused in terms of public policy credentials and operate as a non partision think tank. I would say they meet once an year live and do the rest by skype from there home office.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      1) The Senate will prevent Harper from becoming Hitler? There is so much wrong with that sentence I’ll just leave it at that…
      2) What constitutes “big provinces”? It’d be as silly for Alberta to get as many seats as Ontario as it is for PEI to currently get the 4 it does.
      3) A political body will never, ever be non partisan. Ever.

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