02.13.2013 03:04 PM

Canada Live: Mulcair steps in it. Again.

I start to nod off at the mention of Mulcair’s name.


  1. dave says:

    I guess we will have to see whether or not the Conservative/Other Conservative(Libs) repetition of the ‘Angry Tom’ thing works leading up to 2015. Although, I did enjoy Mulcair’s reply to the Speaker in QP yesterday as to whether or not fraud in phone calls to the electoral commission in Saskatchewan had anything to do with governing the country. A sheer victory for Mulcair in that exchange!

    By the way, if Sun News wants into basic cable, they might consider a more inclusive appeal to viewers. In a nation where we respect gender equality and sexual orientation, if one person is showing crossed legs bared to mid thigh, should not every one on set do the same?

    • Ed Frink says:

      Well said. Conservative viewpoints should not be allowed over Canadian TV channels at all under ANY circumstances.

      • dave says:

        I am trying to figure out how this is a reply to anything I said.

      • jeremy sabourin says:

        So anyone who say’s anything that does not agree with your views is wrong and should be forbidden? that is some Nazi level propaganda. how about if someone said ban liberal or ndp from the air, would you see how wrong it is then.

        even if someone is an idiot, let them show how big of an idiot they are on national tv to all the voters.

  2. Bruce A says:

    Oh, I dunno about the Angry Tom thing. Seems to me he’s doing a pretty good job to date. I haven’t seen him punch anybody or kick a dog. I think it would be unwise to underrate him in anyway.

  3. Billy Boy says:

    Yes nothing says unconditional love for all people like referring to homosexuality as not only as a sin, but a perversion akin to bestiality and pedophilia. Sorry, if you can’t distinguish between immorality and illegality, if you can’t distinguish between pedophilia and homosexuality and peddle this hateful bigotry on your website you should not receive Canadian tax dollars for any reason.

  4. GregB says:

    Big question: Would Toronto vote NDP Horwath instead of OLP Wynne? Because that could be the decisive vote to elect an NDP government. Rural Ontario will most likely remain a PC base.

  5. Philip says:

    Mulcair is mendacious!

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This poster thought Harper would not do much better in 2006 than he did in 2004. Wrong on all counts. There is a lesson there for those who see many of the same personality traits in one politician or another. In short, Mulcair is not to be underestimated — nor is Trudeau or anyone else.

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