02.04.2013 07:16 PM

I am confused, as usual

Why would my friend Pupatello agree to be a Minister of Finance without a seat in the Legislature – when the very people doing the supposed asking were attacking her, not so long ago, for not having a seat in the Legislature?

Politics sure is weird, sometimes.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    Are we talking an un-elected premier AND finance minister? I find it hard to credit.

    • Warren says:

      Tell Steve Paikin.

    • reformatory says:

      Power can transfer legitimately to other leaders of a party in our parliamentary system. We don’t all have to jump on the American republicanism band wagon. We elect MP’s to our legislatures not PM’s or Premiers.

      Besides, Wynne can name her finance minister and by the time the next budget came around, she would have Duncan’s seat. When Windsor votes.. to retain their hold on the finance spot.. who do you think they’re gonna vote for. A by-election can be had pronto. She would be sitting in the house by March.

    • michael says:

      We don’t ever elect a premier.

  2. Just sometimes, Warren??

  3. smelter rat says:

    A bigger question: Why is Mike Duffy still a Senator?

    • po'd says:

      As recent renovations have given rise to closing a Senate cafeteria and a longer walk to the nearest facility, someone with experience has to be in charge of the donut and PEI Fries cart. Daily specials regularly include the Double Dip and The Super Poutine, loaded with an appropriately decadent amount of gravy.

  4. reformatory says:

    He’s just trying to save/resurrect her career. He feels for her. She should have won, and now he’s trying to make the best for her. She helped his career with TVO, and so now he wants to return the favour. He’s throwing it out there, and hope somebody with power bites.

    Not a bad idea. I know the ONtario liberals need and want her, and I wish the dufusses at the convention did not snub her for stupid reasons. In the end Wynne would be smart to court her back in the fold. The Duncan Donut seat is there for her. I just don’t know if she’ll want it. What more does she have to prove in Ontario? It might be smarter for her to follow Donut man to Ottawa and ride Justin’s coat-tails to power. They would both be welcome seats in Ottawa. It would be a change of scenery for her, and her husband can run in his hometown as well. They can both re-unite in Ottawa and SHAG up together.

    That’s not a bad idea. Either way Pupatello has a future in politics. Is it federal or back in the Ontario fold. Ontario still needs her, but I’d be happy with her federally as well. She can be Minister of Immigration under Trudeau, and WK can be Treasury Board.. from his Beach seat?

  5. reformatory says:

    there have been countless examples of cabinet ministers in Canada who have been appointed to cabinet without a seat.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      And not a great track record of getting elected subsequently. When a leader appoints someone not-yet-elected to cabinet, she is essentially daring the voters to not elect them, and sometimes they rise to the challenge.

      • reformatory says:

        Unless you are ommitting Pettigrew and Dion both who propelled into cabinet successfully from outside the house!

        then you’re wrong

  6. Sean says:

    Because people say anything and everything during a Leadership Convention. None of it counts afterwords.

  7. !o! says:

    Especially since she just said a few days ago that she was done with politics.

  8. james curran says:

    Well that would be a kick in the ear to Sousa who bit hook line and sinker on the promise of Finance.

  9. Jim Hayes says:

    Cabinet musings after talking with people who claim special interest in this stuff

    Deputy Premier and Int Dev…Pupatello
    University & Colleges…Moridi
    Science & Inniovation….Del Duca
    Family & children…Naqvi
    Tourism…Soo Wong
    Seniors…Dr Helena Jaczek

  10. Cath says:

    any thoughts on this tidbit WK? I’m liking Pupatello more and more after reading this. This should really piss off parents AND those teachers who actually believed they were making a difference by picketing the event, when their union was throwing money at some candidates. If this is what the Liberals get with Wynne’s win the public will not be amused. To say nothing of individual teachers.


  11. Cameron Prymak says:


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