02.07.2013 04:56 PM

La nuit des longs couteaux



  1. Jill Rotunda says:

    Do whatever you can get away with.
    Our political philosophy today.
    Good women go the wall and the corrupt ascend.
    Machiavelli looks positively quant.
    Search and destroy, scorched earth for all.
    Who dare challenge my personality cult.
    Dear leader, dear leader.

  2. Sean says:

    Ricky: Greasy.
    Julian: Yeah it’s greasy all right.
    Bubbles: Greeeeee hee hee hee see.

    – Trailer Park Boys, Season 5

  3. pcase says:

    Sounds about right. Partisan Liberals vs. Partisan Liberals + Delegated convention = popcorn please.

  4. ray says:

    le plus ca change, le plus c’est la meme chose

  5. Michael says:

    If this had gone down the other way, right now we would be lauding Pupatello for being a brilliant strategist and getting the job done. It would be used as an example of her mettle, and the kind of thing we could look forward to being heaped upon Hudak and Horwath.

  6. Chris says:

    It should read “longues”.

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