02.08.2013 05:24 PM

Open letter to the winning Team McGuinty folks

Hey, you guys:

…with collective attentions turned to nasty snowstorms, repellent Conservative Senators and depressing job numbers, I know few folks are paying attention, as you pack up your offices this afternoon.

But I am. I am. And I just wanted to say that you folks made up the most successful team in Canadian politics – winning big in 2003, winning bigger in 2007, and winning (when everybody said we wouldn’t) in 2011. It was an honour and a privilege to know you and work with every single one of you. What times we had!

And I want to say something else, too (and you all know it wouldn’t be genuinely me if it wasn’t in some way impolitic). Here it is:

It is dumb that they are letting you all slip away. It is short-sighted. It makes no sense. And they are going to profoundly, profoundly regret it.

I know all of you are going to be a great success in whatever you do next. And I also know that you will all be coming together again, some day soon, to pick up the pieces.

And win again.


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    Josef says:

    Hear hear!

    I remember some of what Mark “Tiger” Tyler and Stephanie “Stormin’ Nadalin” (any references to Norman Schwarzkopf intended) and Aaron Lazarus taught me long, long ago.

    Not to forget Sandra “Lady Churchill” Pupatello.

    I’m sure OPERATION #WYNNEONYOUROWN is going to be a blast… for the wrong people. Good luck, good hunting, fair winds and following seas.

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    CQ says:

    The Ontario Liberals never had a serious challenge.
    Eves, a reluctantly called back second placer timidly tied to his boss’s image yet was never able to live up to it. Tory, a perfect(?) corporate business man – as long as a company like Rogers was in a competition protected marketplace and the CFL only needed to say the word ‘Canadian’ after the U.S. experiement. And Hudak: he don’t like any of us urban /suburban dwelling Rob Ford and Hazel McCallion voters, and we don’t buy into his attitude.
    NDP? Good for perhaps a couple ridings where steel plants used to operate, a few downtown ridings where some hold gov’t jobs and most of their neighbours insist upon those persons living better than ourselves, and a protest northern vote drawn only out of feeling left out.

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    Doris Fenton says:

    [Ed – Another fake Mark Bourrie identity. Can’t his wife take away his Internet privileges?]

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      smelter rat says:

      I’m tellin ya, it’s a man crush!

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    Philippe says:

    Yeah and hopefully “they” all end up with the Feds kicking Harper’s ass in the next election. God knows we’ll need it to counter-balance the future Hudak government.

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    Jacob says:

    Current polls say that Trudeau would form a Liberal government if an election were held today. We are about 2 years from a federal election so things can change, but the momentum must be maintained with intelligent long term planning. I hope the Liberal team is preparing for that situation, otherwise it’s boot city.

    Provincially, I see minority Ontario governments for quite a while and several snap election after no confidence votes. Who will emerge as the dominant majority party is still uncertain.

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    Ian says:

    Winning elections isn’t enough. At some point you actually have to get around to governing or you watch the next government disassemble all of your achievements. If you don’t get energy right and put power plants where they belong you risk watching Hudak gut unions and education regardless of who stays or goes. The only chance Wynne has of being reelected is to govern effectively if she gets the chance and who stays or goes will not matter.

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