02.02.2013 11:40 AM

Political staffer profiles

There’s a couple in the papers today – one in the Globe, one by Canadian Press, about Grits and Tories, respectively.

What do staffers think about such profiles? They hate ’em, mostly. They inevitably cause problems with or for the boss, and with political peers. Jealousy, anger, distrust, you name it.

There’s a reason, therefore, why staffers don’t usually consent to profile interview requests. No good ever comes of them.


  1. Robert K says:

    A good opportunity to resurrect your top 10 list on hiring the right political staffer.

  2. Justin Time says:

    You certainly got a lot of coverage over the years.

  3. CONniver says:

    unless your name is tom allison and u just pulled a rabbit out of a hat

  4. Cath says:

    I could care less who’s working for who, and actually, truth be told they don’t help run the province, or shouldn’t. If they are then we’re in worse trouble than we think. Staffers are their for the sole purpose of their boss. Compelling story or not – nice but really not necessary unless as a media outlet you’re short on stories.

  5. Pipes says:

    I have to do this and it is completely off topic.
    Just got back from Mexico. Sitting at dinner at a family resort, and outcomes the Flintstones to entertain the kids. Stranger and his wife sitting beside me, from Edmonton, start singing ‘Barney Rubble is my Double’!

    I “shit you not”!
    I couldnt believe it.

  6. Matt says:

    The idea is to work hard and keep your head down. If a staffers ego needs to be fed this way, then they probably should stop being a staffer.

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