02.11.2013 06:46 AM



Kathleen Wynne picked Charles Sousa as finance minister after leadership runner-up Sandra Pupatello spurned overtures to return to politics, the Star has learned.


The rookie leader was forced to resort to a backup plan Sunday following an unsuccessful four-day effort to recruit Pupatello to run in Windsor—Tecumseh, vacated by Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who is retiring.

“They staked so much on Pupatello coming into the finance ministry that they had to resort to Plan B when that collapsed,” a senior Liberal insider confided Sunday night.



  1. Lord Kitchener says:

    Not seeing Hoskins name in any of the articles – suspense is killing me

    • dillon says:

      Apparetly Hoskins gets Duguid’s portfolio. I think it involes international business development. He certainly sold his soul cheap. Have to respect Wynne for not giving him anything of importance.

      • Lord Kitchener says:

        thought we was going to get EDU – but Sandals is a good call on that one. Can see a couple of scorned Ministers, eg. Milloy, going to be interesting cabinet/caucus meetings in the future.

  2. Joe Harrington says:

    With the sniping within the LIberal caucus and party in general, does this mean that the Wynne government will be short-lived? And, dare I say it, make room for the Hudack conservatives to govern Ontario?

    Does that seem worth it to those disaffected Liberals?

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