02.01.2013 09:20 AM

What SFH does on Thursday nights

Davey Snot on skins, fresh from court (he’s wearing his barrister’s stuff, no less); the Dimmer Twins (in matching outfits!) on strings.  Playing, for the first time ever, ‘TV Show’ at the Rehearsal Factory.  Lyrics-for-the-ages-below!  Politics is never as fun-loving as this.

We’re super bored now
Nothin’ to do now
Our current reality blows
Let’s watch some reality shows

We got our TV, we got our TV:
We got no books now, don’t read ’em anyhow: TV, TV

We don’t like the daylight
It’s always way too bright
We don’t ever need to work
When we have our Captain Kirk


Spongebob, Gilligan, Flintstones too
Much to see, nothing much to do
Don’t need no PC, don’t need no repartee
Who needs T Rex when we got TV


  1. Eddie says:

    Great lyrics Warren,
    I particularly like
    “Who needs T Rex when we got TV”
    Under 50’s everywhere are scratching their heads and going T Who ???? 😉
    One of these days I’ll have to make a show and shoot it

  2. GFMD says:


  3. Marc-Andre Chiasson says:

    Great stuff. Love it. I used to play Beatles and Elvis stuff in a band in the ’60s. Obviously, you guys have evolved much more creatively than I. Thought you were four musicians in SFH?

  4. Chubsy Ubsy says:

    The first part of the guitar solo was Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” (the slide up the frets) quickly followed by The Flintstones theme. Where’s my prize pack? 🙂

  5. Neil says:

    I was gonna say but yah beat me, I prefer Mott the Hoople anyway.
    But man your TV show references are so dated, nothing about Here comes honey boo boo or hillbilly hand fishing

    • Jon Adams says:

      It says something that I thought that was a ‘t’ instead of an ‘h’ in the last word. Has Reality TV really sunk to this?

  6. Kaplan says:

    I haven’t clicked the video – I’m a work – but I’m getting flashbacks of Black Flag’s TV Party.

  7. Justin Time says:

    Where’s Raymaker?

  8. Mike in Toronto says:

    Great lyrics Warren!

    “Don’t need no PC, don’t need no repartee”

  9. Bloody Bounder says:

    You guys are funny!. I would love to attend
    a SFH show one day.

    I tend to prefer classical music, operas, and live
    theatre in terms of my entertainment choices,
    but I do listen to Pink Floyd and the Rolling

    • Jason King says:

      Ah the highly assimilated, unilingual, unhyphenated, propertied, musically inclined WHITE ANGLO SAXON PROTESTANTS that would be Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones…

  10. Chubsy Ubsy says:

    Floyd are sort of related to the Canterbury Scene which is somewhat anglo/french with more of a Hughenot influence. But, I digress.

  11. student501 says:

    Actually, not bad at all 🙂

    Nice studio.

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