02.25.2013 08:03 AM

Why won’t Jason Kenney protect Hungary’s Jews and Roma?

I’ll have more about Kenney in tomorrow’s Sun. ┬áBut, at the moment, all of us need to raise our voices – as some in the Jewish community are doing – about far-right attacks on their people, and the Roma, in Hungary. ┬áMore here and here.


  1. Kevin says:

    Roma can go and live anywhere in the entire EU. They don’t need refuge here.

  2. Bluegreenblogger says:

    A frightening wake-up call. I would like to think that the Candian Embassy in Hungary is reporting back to Foreign affairs, but if they are, why no statements or declaration from the Minister? Even if we cannot effect change in Hungary, it is incumbant on Canada to speak out! Hungarians ought to know that this DISGUSTS Canadians, not just Jews, or Roma, or other affected minorities in Canada, but all Canadians. To think that the Progressive Conservatives have morphed from the Party that did more than anybody in the world to end apartheid, is now the Party purchasing billboards in Hungary targeting Roma.

  3. KP says:

    Silly Warren. Jason Kenney doesn’t care about people.

  4. Merrill Smith says:

    The Roma aren’t a religious minority, even though they may have their own religion, and there aren’t enough of them in Canada to swing a riding to the Cons, so why would JK be interested?

  5. Paul Fevrano says:

    If you were really serious about helping the “Jews” you would have utterly denounced Reviving Islamic Spirit as per Simon Wiesenthal Centre, BB
    etc …

  6. Anne Peterson says:

    Hungary gasssed the Roma with the Jews during the Second World War just like Hitler’s followers did, but they have never done the analysis and self questioning of their behaviour or made the kinds of restitution the Germans have done, so the sickness remains. Jason Kenney knew this. He just didn’t want the Roma, being at heart a racist. Now that the Jews are in trouble over there he IS in a bind. The Jewish population of Canada should be very, very careful about putting any trust in the Harper government. Scratch them and you may not like what you find. They only befriend you so you can help them with the rapture (boggles the mind). All this tosh about the Roma being able to move to any other country in the EU is just that, tosh.

  7. Bernie M Farber says:

    Many do not realize that the Roma community in this country dates back more than 100 years. Today Canada is home to over 80,000 Roma. Has there been a Canadian Roma problem here? Of course not.

    The Canadian Roma community has little infrastructure and it has not been as adept at advocacy as have others. They therefore require champions to stand with them and help ward off those who would spread lies and hate. Warren, thank you for being one of those champions.

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