03.26.2013 12:42 PM

Byline: Keith Ashfield is a twit

Lilley and Kirbie duke it out.  Kirbie 1, Lilley 0.


  1. James Calder says:

    It isn’t a teapot / tempest scenario. Ashfield needs to realize his outmoded way of thinking is just that.

  2. Erin says:

    The young woman in question herself said: “In regards to what Honourable Keith Ashfield said, I feel that it was a compliment. On the day that he visited, our family welcomed him as our guest and treated him with Filipino hospitality. I personally made him a FIlipino bread called “Ensaymada” (a delicacy that my mother taught me to make). He complimented me on the bread, and I appreciated the thanks. I was not offended whatsoever and it is unfair that the Minister’s comment was taken out of context.”
    Lisa – you are reading far too much into this and making vast assumptions about the Minister’s intent. He very well likely would have said “you’ll make a great husband someday” if “Grace” had have been “Grant.”
    It is ok for a woman to aspire to be a great wife and that does not limit her ability to aspire to other things in life if she so choses. I am a young woman starting a good career and I’ve been very complimented when people (men and women, young and old) have said “you’re going to make a wonderful wife.”
    The Minister did not even remotely imply that that she would she wouldn’t amount to more than a “wife”. In fact, he said: “I would like to thank the Moreno family for taking the time to discuss Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2013. The family’s insightful comments and feedback are valuable to me and our Government as we continue to build a strong and prosperous nation. My comments to Grace Moreno have been taken out of context. They were simply meant to compliment her on her genuine hospitality. Grace is a gifted and active young member of her high school and our greater community. And she clearly has a great future ahead of her. I am proud of our youth and I appreciate the contributions that she and other youth continue to make to our community and country.” https://www.facebook.com/keithashfieldmpfredericton

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