03.16.2013 04:37 PM

Florida, defined

This, plus a lot of shuttered businesses still.



  1. dave says:

    The American self styled ‘radical moderate,’ Tom Hartmann, suggests that at the time of the inclusion of the amendments to the US Constitution, there were in Virginia (and, i think, in another state or two) local groups that hunted down and recaptured run away slaves. These groups were armed, and called themselves ‘militias.’ He says that he reps form these states wanted the arming of these slave hunters protected, and that they were able to get the 2nd Amendment in there so as to keep the central government from taking the arms away from those slave hunters.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    The interpretation of that amendment has evolved since then.

  2. Jim Petty says:

    Of the 8583 homicides involving firearms, 323 were rifle attacks (that’s rifle ammo in pic) – the vast majority (6220) are by handguns – gang bangers if you please, the majority of whom pack black market guns (2011 FBI stats).

    Please note, the majority of homicides in the United States involve people under the influence of alcohol and/or “hard drugs.” Perhaps a picture of Malt Liquor?

    While your Canadian homicide rate is enviable – 1.6 vs 4.2 – please consider broader sociological factors – it has long been established that more daylight hours tends to increase many social phenomena – you’re there for the sun after all!

    Also consider that Cuba with a homicide rate of 5.0 has exceptionally stringent gun control, and, in the context of Florida, Fidel Castro (evidently much beloved in Canada) dumped a large number of Cuban criminals into our population.

    Well, enjoy the orange juice!

  3. Jim Petty says:

    Top Five Homicide Countries:

    Murder rate Gun rate
    Honduras 91.6 6.2
    El Salvador 69.2 5.8
    Cote d’Ivoire 56.9 2.4
    Jamaica 52.2 8.1
    Venezuela 45.1 10.7

    Top Five Small Arms Countries:

    Murder rate Gun rate
    United States 4.2 88.8
    Yemen 4.2 54.8
    Switzerland 0.7 45.7
    Finland 2.2 45.3
    Cyprus 1.7 36.4

    The conclusion is likely that a combination of poverty, an extremely rigid social hierarchy with little chance of upward mobility, a deeply entrenched “macho” culture, and a general backwardness is the cause of most domestic homicide ….

  4. anonymous says:

    Florida is California, but without the ideas.

  5. Mulletaur says:

    Hope you didn’t waste your money, you can get that 30-30 cheaper at Le Baron.

  6. Canada Joe says:

    Gun control is the hill politicians go to kill their career on. Great examples are; Allan Rock, Micheal Byrant and Mark Holland. Will Obama be next?

    One can only hope! Pity about the ammo storage, but it will pass.

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