03.05.2013 08:09 AM


We were there.

Is it worth taking in?  I’d say yes.  Now, as Olivia herself said: “It’s just a movie,” but it was a pretty good one.

“They took some artistic licence,” she added.  “Jack and I didn’t kiss that much.”  That got a few laughs.

Anyway, it’s worth seeing.  It tells the story of one of the most remarkable election campaigns in anyone’s memory – and it tells the story about a pretty remarkable fellow, too.

(Oh, and we were invited.)


  1. Pcase22 says:

    Was there last night as well. Thought it was excellent. Good actors, textured script and well executed. A total tear jerker as well

  2. Eddie says:

    I’ll be PVRing it Sunday to make sure I catch it. Jack was a remarkable guy you’re right. Met him a few times as my MP and prior to that as a Councillor, always liked the guy, and in fact always voted for him (no surprise given my NDP leanings since I got more conservative as I aged 🙂 )

  3. H. Tompson says:

    Un bon Jack made a deal with the devil, 50 + 1 and all that – I see NO reason at all to celebrate or commemorate treason. While the chattering classes seem content to allow the breakup of Canada may I remind them of some things.

    As per your formula, the vast majority (polls always over 90%) in say the top 2/3s of Quebec (e.g the Cree) want to stay IN Canada. Secondly, the vast majority of Canadians believe that if Quebec does go, not one cent will come from the “have” provinces to Quebec. You’re on your own. Thirdly, in an era where large cities are ascendant, a referendum confined to Montreal might reveal that it wants to remain in Canada too as per your formula.

    Sadly, Justin Trudeau is pandering to Sovereigntists with his own formulas – while inflaming Western separatists. Again the whole pseudo-progressive thing – the “Nègres blancs d’Amérique” mentalite was absurd then (as Pierre Trudeau understood) and is more absurd now. A truly progressive political movement would not be based on the politics of blood and tribe.

  4. Alan Smithee says:

    So Warren, when the CBC gets around to doing a biopic of Jean Chretien, who will play you? My guess: Colin Mochrie

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