03.25.2013 10:04 PM

Keeping up with the Blacks

Turns out they sent the wrong one to jail.


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    W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Well, that was horrifying…

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      deb s says:

      this sums it up best, I feel like I was morally raped:(

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    Bob says:

    Always funny how the free-speech at all cost people can’t deal with criticism… Don’t actually want to engage the topic at hand. So Blue do you support looking at child pornography or that it’s not rape if she’s drunk and you’re drunk?

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    Bruce A says:

    I am quite certain Ms Black would not be amused had any of those things happened to her, a family member and especially a daughter. Therein is the problem with the right wing nutters and free speech crowd.

    It’s perfectly alright for them to pontificate on such events, provided it hasn’t happened to them and especially doesn’t involve their money or gun ownership. If memory serves Ms Black certainly played the role of victim and dutiful wife to her overbearing husband. Who is still in denial about his previous activities.

    Perhaps speech has to be codified to include Crude Speech, Rude Speech, Stupid Speech and Birther Speech. Ms Black almost hit for the cycle with that column.

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      Y. Mouse says:

      For all you know, it has happened to her, and that’s why she spoke the way she did. Maybe she’s a victim blaming herself. And instead of trying to open a dialogue, you’re piling on. Just a thought.

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        Bruce A says:

        If it had happened to her, then why wouldn’t she disclose that? Further, I don’t see how dialogue can be opened when Mrs. Black has been so forceful with her views on the matter.

        Thanks for the thought.

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    Von Klausen says:

    While this is apparently the motherload; the below waist level low-hanging fruit from which to make the toxic and bitter preserve that is political propaganda; another gift that keeps on giving from the radical right; yes, I’ve mixed methaphors; the psychological source should be considered: ” I began my first drinking habit: Baileys Irish Cream put in cups of strong coffee fortified by additional 10 per cent coffee cream and lots of sweetener. That, together with Tylenol No. 2 or 3, makes a good cocktail”; this combined with the Black’s perennial conceit that they are in the same writing league as the Swifts and Hitchens, were no doubt the two factors that combined to precipitate this linguistic puke. Pride and chemicals are the engine driving the endless sewer that passes for discourse and entertainment these days.

    Of course, the media love to set ’em just to knock ’em down like carnies setting up knock-down dolls. An editor with any heart would have gently sent this back for a total rewrite or better, simply trashed this ultimate mission impossible – who can defend what is both criminal and the supreme descent into immorality and perversion? The Conservatives – they do seem psychically drained don’t they – may well be on the way out, and, like a shot elephant that takes 5 days to die, the buzzards may circle long before devouring the finally dead carcass.

    We are almost at the level of Soviet show trial or Salem Witch trials – let the purges begin. The unfortunate victims, after hounding, psychic torture, whispering campaigns, pariah status, skillful shepherding towards confession – “Yes, I am demon possessed!” – eventually crack up and become what society wants them to be. One recalls that Marie Antoinette – a costume the Amiel has dressed up as on several occasions – was accused of incestuous relations with her son, although no serious historian believes there is evidence for it.

    So remember dear Liberals, those who live by the media sword shall die by the media sword. After the rigours of continual public scrutiny have wearied the dauphin, rest assured that the CPC, CIA, Mossad, the best investigative journalists and PIs out there, indeed the whole big brother apparatus will eventually throw him into the gladiatorial arena that is the blood sport of political psychodrama. That sinking, despairing feeling that clings to the Conservative and Republican factions like mildew will soon enough cover you too. Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him. I know it’s falling on deaf ears.

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    KP says:

    Bravo, Barbara. Continuing in the family tradition of being a shameless troll. Stephen Lautens was right – I guess Babs got jealous her husband was receiving all the public’s loathing.

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    po'd says:

    Like most far right wing people she clearly misses the foremost issue, which is consent. To them, the vulnerable are there for them to exploit and they don’t feel one bit guilty about it.

    The only point she raises that has some legitimacy is wholesale abortion. I don’t agree with that, but I don’t have an out of the box ready to go realistic alternative either.

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    Lynn says:

    When your claim to fame is nasty conservative views and who you marry, it is hard to expect much. Given her logic, if something happened to hubby Con(vict) in the Florida penal system, there is no one to blame but him for his fate since he was there and that what happens in “those places”? Am I misinterpreting her argument? Someone please let me know if I am off the mark. I have always found her reprehensible, and she never disappoints.

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    JamesHalifax says:

    For those castigating Amiel and asking how she would feel if it were HER daughter……..

    You miss the point. Amiels daughter wouldn’t be in that postion in the first place.

    This is the first I heard that the two boys (creeps and thugs) didn’t actually rape the girl. What they did was still repugnant, but I think a few minutes in a room with the fathter of the girl would do more justice than a jail term.

    No one comes out of this looking good….simply disgusting all around. What do you expect from a culture that thinks the “Kardasshians” or Survivor is entertainment?

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      Torgo says:

      Wait, by this logic, shouldn’t Conrad have then not been in the position of being in jail in the first place? Or does this not apply to him because he’s an old white male?

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        JamesHalifax says:

        If you are trying to compare Conrad black’s actions to those of these two feckless punks who assaulted a passed out 16 year old……..you aren’t really in a postion to pass judgement on anyone.

        By the way….Conrad black is innocent, regardless of what the USA found.

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          Ted H says:

          Well, Conrad Black is a convicted criminal, that is a fact. How many other people who are convicted criminals are provided with such respected soap boxes so they and their families too, it appears, can spout off their opinions. In addition, we know the general Conservative view of convicted criminals other than Lord Black, there isn’t much slack given.

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      wsam says:

      I don’t think Ms Amiel has had children. Conrad’s kids are from his first wife.

      Giving birth can ruin your figure.

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    GPAlta says:

    Amiel writes: “we’ve hung our opprobrium on a few minor vices.”

    Amiel believes that possession of child pornography is a minor vice? She believes that kidnapping an unconscious 16 year old and torturing her all night is a minor vice? She believes that the whole concept of sexual harassment is a minor vice?

    I don’t know anything about Amy Adler, but I hope this comes to her attention and that she publicly rebukes Amiel for associating her with this filth.

    Even in the tiny excerpt that Amiel links to, Adler writes clearly that her alternative readings of the role of the law in the increase in child pornography are: “readings that do not exclude the conventional account described above” which states that new laws have been introduced to try to keep up with the growing problem.

    My guess is that Adler is seeking a solution to the problem of child abuse and child pornography, not seeking to legitimize its consumption the way Amiel and Flanagan are.

    I won’t miss Amiel when she disappears from the public view, whether that is today or upon her eventual retirement, but I think it will be today.

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    Cromwell says:

    Why give the silly cow the oxygen of further publicity ?

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    Glen says:

    Reads like it was written by Conrad.

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    Dajjri says:

    Remember when Michael Vick was convicted of running that dogfighting ring? Where he tortured dogs to death in the most brutal and gruesome ways possible? Yeah, she wrote column in Macleans defending him as well.

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    RDS says:

    Does Barbara Amiel not realize that the only way to produce child pornography is by raping a child? Does she not understand that permitting the consumption of child pornography will encourage the production of more child pornography, i.e., by raping more children? Does she really think that the right of perverts to beat off to whatever they want to trumps the right of children to, you know, not get raped on film?

    Or does she just get paid per page view?

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    Dave T says:


    From Anonymous’s account:

    After being convinced, with some amount of coaxing – to attend the parties that night with the “Rape Crew” by [XXX]’s girlfriend [XXX], Jane Doe was picked up at a volley ball team party she was attending in the early evening of August 11th and transported in a vehicle with Richmond, Mays and [XXX] in it. Jane Doe was administered a “date rape” drug snuck into her drink almost immediately, possibly while still in the vehicle enroute to the nights “festivities”. In any case, she has no memories after being picked up. The first party of the night was at the home of Assistant Coach [XXX], where [XXX], [XXX], [XXX], and [XXX] were already engaged in heavy drinking and drug use. At this location Jane Doe was raped multiple times by Richmond and Mays and at least two other assailants from the “Rape Crew”. At that point the “party” went on the move. They first stopped at another Assistant Coach’s home, [XXX]. [XXX] didn’t like what he saw, and asked them to leave. Once again, they hit the road with an unconscious Jane Doe in tow. While en route to [XXX]’s house, Jane was again raped and sodomized in the back seat of a vehicle – and this was video recorded by [XXX] who was in the front seat. Her attackers in the car were again Mays and Richmond. Once they arrived at [XXX]s house Jane Doe was carried to the basement where she was again raped multiple times by multiple attackers, one of which was [XXX]. Finally, having sated themselves and exhausted any further entertainment that Jane Doe could provide for these animals, she was unceremoniously dumped (still unconscious) onto the front lawn of the [XXX] residence – where at least one member of the “Rape Crew” proceeded to urinate on her.

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    Ridiculosity says:

    It’s painfully obvious that Mrs. Black doesn’t have a daughter. Or a son.

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