03.02.2013 12:56 PM

Sandra’s for Justin


As a key supporter of my campaign I wanted to make sure that we stay in touch…

We still have a really important campaign still on the go, and the outcome of it will affect our country.

Many have already declared support for Justin Trudeau as the best candidate for the federal leadership of the Liberal Party. So have I.

Deadlines are looming, and while you may have received emails already, I hope you’ll accept one more. While so many want to see him win the leadership, we also have to be sure to get as many Liberals signed up as supporters, register to vote, and then vote during the week of April 7-14th.

So, if you haven’t had a chance yet, please:

1. sign up as a supporter for Justin at www.justin.ca/support This has to be done by March 3rd. That’s this Sunday!

2. Register to vote before March14th and,

3. Cast your ballot between the 7-14th of April. Please remind our friends there is no charge to sign up as a supporter, no charge to register or to vote.

It takes so little time and can mean so much to all of us.

Thanks for your help with this,

Best regards,

Sandra Pupatello


  1. Chris says:

    How real is the possibility of an army of conservatives signing up as supporters to skew the vote? What is being done to counteract this (other than just GOTV?)

    • Sean says:

      None, zero, nada, zilch. I’ve never understood people’s preoccupation with this. Waiving the $10 fee is not going to cause a stampede towards a wild unprecedented conspiracy involving tens of thousands of people to overthrow LPC.

    • Gerry says:

      If you’re thinking conservatives will sign up to vote against Justin Trudeau, your thinking may be somewhat skewed. JT becoming leader of the Liberals, is like an early Christmas for conservatives. They are more likely to sign up to vote FOR him.

  2. ernest lustig says:

    only 100 points per riding, so if they load up in one riding only 100 points vs 308 ridings. If they decide to load up on many ridings could be trouble, but how about the other tens of thousands that are voting, I have my doubts that they would go to these extremes

  3. Craig says:

    You never know what the Conservatives will get up to. Look at the robocalls/voter suppression strategy in the 2011 Election. Still unresolved by Elections Canada.

  4. MCBellecourt says:

    Nice e-mail from Ms. Pupatello. She obvioulsy appreciates the things you did for her during her leadership campaign and it shows throughout the e-mail as well as the main message.

    What I’m about to do next has absolutely nothing to do with this subject, but I couldn’t let this one go without passing it on to you. A few threads back, you showed a really cool news clip about a disabled boy getting his chance at the basketball court–a day which probably changed his life, for the good, forever. We all agree that we need more stories like that, so….

    …here’s one that I stumbled upon that would surely fit that category. This one made me rather misty-eyed, too, and my first though was, “gotta share this with Warren”.

    So, here it is. A modern, yet classic tale, of joy rising through the ashes of tragedy.


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