03.27.2013 01:37 PM

Stupid Blogger tribute to Bob Rae

A reporter contacted me today about the interim leader’s departure. Here’s what I said:

He’s been like many last-term presidents and Prime Ministers – when they’re no longer seeking another term, they end up having their greatest accomplishments.

I opposed him, openly and loudly, as a possible full-time leader of the Liberal Party. (He, meanwhile, seemingly detested Yours Truly – calling me a “stupid blogger” at least once!)

My opposition to him was nothing personal – he had a record from Ontario as an NDP Premier, and it was a bad one. As much as he would have liked to erase it, it was part of the historical record. It was what it was. The Conservatives were going to use it against him.

But, since he announced a year or so ago that he intended to keep his promise, and not seek the full-time leadership, he’s been outstanding.

I say this as someone who has never been a huge fan of Bob Rae: he has literally been one of the reasons the Liberal Party has been kept alive. After the May 2011 disaster, everyone expected the Liberal Party to disappear. Bob Rae – along with others – kept that from happening.

Not to get all Biblical or anything, but I liken this new phase in his life to Moses. He led his people to the edge of the promised land, but he isn’t entering it himself. That will be his most enduring legacy.


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    Ted Heighington says:

    Well said about Bob Rae…. Agree. To me, Bob was a life-saving political paramedic – who kept the LPC patient just barely alive while it was being transported to longer term strength-rebuilding and intensive care under new Chief of Patient Revival Operations, Dr Trudeau, and his awaiting surgical team…

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    E. Madsen says:

    Too bad he wasn’t appreciated by so many Liberals; I loved him from way back…especially on Rick Mercer.
    He could lead a good team into power in Ottawa.
    Best PM Canada never had.

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      frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

      ahem, that would’ve been Robert Stanfield…..;)

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    frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    Had Justin not run, I still think Bob Rae would have made the best leader…..but stellar performances in the HOC do not necessarily transmit to votes and winning seats…..

    I just hope Liberal leader and eventual PM Justin Trudeau will seek Bob Rae’s counsel often, as his father did of Liberal eminence gris Allan J. MacEachen….

    The LPOC Mulroney salute to Peter C. Newman is due to one man……Bob Rae…..

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    Mark N says:

    You’re not a stupig blogger. A stupid website-er, maybe?

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      Warren says:



      Stupid Web Site Guy

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Bob Rae fell on his leadership sword for this party. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for that.

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    Kevin Powell says:

    Bob Rae is actually one of the reasons I became a Liberal. After the NDP threw him under the bus in 1995, I quit the party and joined the Libs. Rae may have had his baggage, but I always saw him as the real deal. And we need more leaders like him, that have both his intellectual energy and moral gravitas.

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      Ted H says:

      People remember “Rae Days” and I suppose it does leave him with insurmountable political baggage.

      Remember however, that instead of a wholesale layoff of public sector workers, a certainty if it had been a Conservative government, and a good possibility if a Liberal government, everyone kept their job at the expense of a few days pay.

      Is there a government in Canada today that would show that kind of compassion? I think not.

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        Austin So says:

        Bang on.

        There were many things that were implemented under Rae that actually worked well and were effective. Trying to preserve the public sector and the economy during the devastation of Ontario’s manufacturing base is something no one could have come out on top of, particularly with the propaganda and sheer stupidity of the Harris PCs (hmmm…sounds familiar).

        But these things were never publicly acknowledged nor recognized nor appreciated. Instead buzz words and sound bites defined those years.

        Not to mention the work that Rae did outside of politics.

        And now, for keeping the LPC together under the current political climate.

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