03.10.2013 04:49 PM

You’d like to see this really happen, wouldn’t you?

Of course you would. Cinematography by Daughter.

BY POPULAR DEMAND: The YouTube version, here.


  1. bigcitylib says:

    Nice. You steal the top from the Harvard gift-shop?

  2. Brad Young says:

    Not me, this is one of may favorite websites.

  3. Cynical says:

    Going on vacation, then sending a message calculated to make the folks at home envious, is an honoured Canadian tradition. No need for the missile.

  4. Lisa Banks says:

    boo, your site is not Mac friendly …

    : (

    why not on youtube ?

  5. patrick says:

    Not Win 8 friendly but it does work on my Mac.

  6. Lisa Banks says:

    well, ran in Chrome on an older Mac …

    I didn’t know there were Palm Trees in Massachusetts …

  7. Gore Vidal Sassoon says:

    Sunshine is good …

    Out of Sight, Out of Our Minds

    When we were young hellians, we used to roam around turning over rotten logs and boards to discover what creepy crawlies could be found slithering away from the light. Last weekend’s annual jamboree of libertarians reminded me of those times – with Preston Manning as the grumpy, eccentric neighbour bellowing to leave those centipedes alone!

    Yes, Preston Manning, during his annual Manning Centre Networking Conference cajoled devotees to button it, zip it, and otherwise keep the ranting and ravings of what is spun as the lunatic fringe but is in fact a large, perhaps the greatest portion, of the Conservative Party. Keep those creepy crawlies in the dark and those noisy boys quiet!

    It’s interesting. For one, despite the image of being genuine, down-home, regular folks – “hoags” hell-of-a-guys as Warren Kinsella calls them – it reveals that the Conservative Party is fully conscious of public relations and propaganda and its founders actively suppress viewpoints that detract from the sanitized talking points and Mormon-style television spots of females in white dresses in dappled sunshine. They want power and will do whatever they have to do to get it.

    Problem is, the incidents that precipitated all this, well, the cats have already got away from the Conservative bagmen. I won’t rehash the Flannigan fiasco – suffice it say, there is a limit to everything and certain things just can’t be spun beyond small, depraved cliques. What is disquieting though, is for a party that claims to be the sole outpost of family values the vibe seems more like the Warren Jeffs compound…but I digress.

    Weirdly, while Flannigan was playing Devil’s advocate for extreme deviants, uber-Con pastor Hunsperger was trying to demonize a group of Canadian citizens, who under Canadian and International law are protected from being labeled as deviants – non-heterosexuals. Perhaps a rebrand as the capital C Contradiction Party. The Conservative Party just doesn’t make sense – what are they on about anyway? It’s like being against incense but for arson. Or for shipwrecks but against swimming. But of course, as in all cultic and thought control/brainwashing programs, continual contradictions along with the thought terminating cliché are designed to quickly degrade rational thought processes aka logic.

    And contradictorily, despite the apparent clampdown on the bizarre, Ron Paul trotted out his horse-and-pony show and flogged his perennially insane ideas: doing away with central banks (not understanding that in the era when American didn’t have a central bank it was a continual quagmire of boom and bust local bank issued currencies – store keepers needed a conversion chart of dozen, even hundreds of currencies to conduct trade); doing away with all taxes (not understanding that business and/or labour, left to their own devices will become the ultimate tax – the so-called wage-price spiral); outlawing reproductive services and universal access to basic health-care but legalizing marijuana and dubious erotica, etc, etc.

    Back in the day, when Manning dismissed the continual creep of neo-Nazis and Aryan Nations types (e.g. Wolfgang Droege) to the Reform Party as “moths to the flame” it was always too easy an out – if they dismissed or threw these folks under the Blue Bus just like they did Flannigan and Hunsperger, it was not because of any intrinsic morality within the Reform/Alliance/Conservative Party, it was slavish and servile worship in the Cult of Expediency and the triumph of the will over lesser disciplined members.

    Wise Canadians would do well to listen to the muzzled growlings of the Flannigans, Hunsperger, and Droeges. They would be wise to get curious and turn over the rotten log of the Conservative Party – a tree that now longer bears even bitter fruit – and understand that this is a political movement whose center is composed of corrupt, hateful, base, vicious, venal, deranged, corrupt creepy crawlies writhing in the sunshine of the common good.

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