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Anonymous and Rehtaeh


“It’s unclear whether Anonymous’s decision to intervene was prompted by Kinsella’s online plea. (Kinsella suspects that Anons were working on the case before he spoke out.) Still, the fact that a public figure had called openly on the group attests to its growing stature in Canada. I first took an interest in Anonymous while reporting a feature about a new generation of online crime fighters who are second—guessing, upstaging, and competing with the police—and in the process, exposing flaws within the investigative systems. Anonymous’s OpJustice4Rehteah—which helped to create such a humiliating media flurry that the authorities agreed to reopen the case—is one of the most successful of these initiatives, and it marks a small turning point for hactivism in Canada. Anonymous, with its capriciousness and its wonky theatrics, will never be mainstream, but it is gaining a measure of credibility among people who might previously have written it off. What’s more, the sensitivity and cohesion with which Anons handled the Justice4Rehtaeh operation has called into question many popular assumptions about the movement—my own included.”

Worth a read.  Not worth a read?  Chris Selley, Dan Gardner or Parker Donham on the subject.  They didn’t know what the Hell they were talking about, and they still don’t.


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    Philippe says:

    All I know is that everytime Anonymous goes public with something, they’re on the right side of the issue.

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    deb s says:

    I like that they are having some success with their operations and getting positive media attn. The legitimacy of their missions is needed in this world of corrupt politicians and inflexible bureacracy. I hope they continue with the social and political justice movements, as someone has to hold the bastards accountable!

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    ok says:

    I am very upset of Rehtaeh Parsons case that mix of several people or orginization did neglect the case that bad not goes to worst case, and I am trying only pass some info, it did give me some reviews of the case could prevent that not happend easy:

    the goals is to not allow ANY kind of crime to hapend can be rape or shop lifting or even use to prevent relgion crime or hate crime or etc.. that investment on kids like money investment need to done in early age and take years to develop to gain best out of it and keep eye open for risk may arise too.

    I think for school is good that boys and girls are together but in teen time age it is better to seprate children gendor from each others since boys and girls in teens time are grow differently research showed girl are act more mature than boys in that age. and we need to supervise our children and not trust them easy I mean trust that they can solve their problems by thier own all the time independtly. This is nice word, parents know case by case and children by children are different by their charcter and teachers know that facts too and they have to act differently with them.

    noun, plural scru·ti·nies.
    a searching examination or investigation; minute inquiry.
    surveillance; close and continuous watching or guarding.
    a close and searching look.

    This word can used to helped even Justin T know how to watch Muslim and link with Nonmuslim and prevent isolatation of them in time they are grow up as kids togehter in multi group in Canada.

    supervising children in all ages even if they grow up to make sure they are get independent but still need to help them
    parents who watch dog their children more often, their children become more successfull and less goes to problems
    if you are busy as parents then get helped from family member or pay them or grant parents or babysiters,

    IF you community watch dog not in extend of spoil them but give them responsibility gradually but for sure not neglect look at their children they less likly can have problems of if they have problmes find solution or ask help from professional to help their kids. check to children freinds closely and not trust them easy to their freinds to tell the truth teens like to hide their secrets.

    children like to have fun and have freinds and most problems will arised from bad freinship or bad media or film watching or game playing etc,,,and wrong advice from bad freinds that if your kid keep the secret from you for sure they go to problems.
    family gathering, public gathering church or mosque gathering and one and one family pay attention to teens and traveling and NO weed smoking and drinking in early age and instead active in sport can helped them, do not trust them easy they may hide information over fears from parents. how to make them be patient and reduce emotion or NO emotion both are wrong for teen to reduce suicide.

    MIND reading is last thing about children to make sure they talk to you to see what is in thier mind and make sure they are mentally ok.
    control emotion and healthy body and food intake is last one.

    They must identify all boys who did it if they can, to prevent them doing that crime again and treat them before it is too late.

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    Pat says:

    Spy vs Spy

    If the Liberals form a government, it will be interesting if anonymous launches an action against Justin Trudeau and co if legislation is passed they don’t like. Also, it be a safe assumption that Vic Toews has instructed his operatives to see if there are any links between anonymous and the vikileaks incident now that a hard connection between Liberal insider(s) and anonymous has been established. Destroy those hard disks!

    In closing, might want to tidy up wikipedia; apparently Liberal MP Marc Garneau didn’t get the memo:

    “First, who is this group called Anonymous? Put simply, it is an international cabal of criminal hackers dating back to 2003, who have shut down the websites of the U.S. Department of Justice and the F.B.I. They have hacked into the phone lines of Scotland Yard. They are responsible for attacks against MasterCard, Visa, Sony and the Governments of the U.S., U.K., Turkey, Australia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Chile, Colombia and New Zealand.”

    The oldest question, who can spy on the spies?

    VPN to infinity.

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    April Baxter says:


    “The Globe and Mail’s guidelines on anonymity were called into question by a reader who wondered why a Saturday story on Justin Trudeau said this: “Some Liberals say privately that Mr. Trudeau must adapt his speaking style to his new position and adopt a ‘more disciplined’ approach now that he is being asked to comment more often. Some in the Trudeau camp believe he can sometimes ‘say the right things, but in the wrong way,’” one Liberal said. The reader said that “without being able to evaluate the source, how can the reader assess whether The Globe and Mail is simply making a trivial comment appear portentous?”


    is anything real?

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    Dick Somanski says:


    when things go wrong …

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    Bent says:

    Not sure why you haven’t corrected this story? Saw on Twitter that someone had clarified to you that Anonymous was involved before you wrote.
    You sent your letter April the 10th, like the Twitter post from @chroniclehearld said, hashtag #opjustice4rehtaeh was already trending on the 9th. ??

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      Warren says:

      Read the interview I did with the reporter, idiot.

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