04.19.2013 06:08 AM

Boston and the media

I’m finding a lot of the reporting on what’s been happening in Boston pretty bad – lots errors, lots of speculation and rumours. The news media need to take a hard look at how they’ve done things, when the dust settles. It hasn’t been their best moment.

Anyway, here’s one report. Lord knows what’s right and what’s wrong.


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    dave says:

    I find the 2nd part of the quote from the police commish puzzling: ‘This is a man who came here to kill people.’
    Another part of the report says the suspects came to USA a decade ago…when they would have been 16 and 9 years old.

    Yesterday, at release of the photos, I had a sense that these two suspects would not be taken alive.

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    Cath says:

    Agree WK.
    Tuning in to watch things play out and changing channels often.
    I noticed on interview in particular where, the interviewer asked a question of an “expert”, then attempted to repeat what he’s heard, except that he reported what he’d herd incorrectly. We’d heard the correct version from the “expert” not a few moments previous.
    Perhaps the tips and news are coming in so fast and furious that some journalists aren’t focused in listening to the answers to questions?

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    Sean says:

    CNN has developed an odd habit of speculation / random chatter amongst reporters, in lieu of any new factual information. CBC and CTV are doing a much more professional job. When there is nothing new to report, they both conduct well structured, interesting interviews with law enforcement / terrorism experts etc..

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