04.17.2013 09:52 PM

Byline, April 17: JT and Boston and the ads


  1. George says:

    No partisanship here…just a candid observation after watching this, knowing full well there is no love for JT at Sun News.

    He comes off as naive and indecisive. I suspect both Harper and Mulcair will make mincemeat of him over the next few years. Many in the media are trying to suggest the attack ads won’t work, but if he keeps this up he will add credence to the claims.

    Politics is dog-eat-dog…JT better grow a set quickly or he will be mauled by the two pit bulls opposing him in the HoC.

  2. Seriously in need of some media coaching.

  3. Rory Phelan says:

    This is the Jan Wong line: “To be sure, Mr. Lepine hated women, Mr. Fabrikant hated his engineering colleagues and Mr. Gill hated everyone. But all of them had been marginalized, in a society that valued pure laine.”

    I don’t buy the “over his head” thing though; his head is filled with deranged Euro-Communist notions like the wonder of Fidel Castro and the glory of the Iranian revolution – must destroy the Great Satan America and all that. HE/THEY believe in terror!

    5 minutes later – I literally just puked.

  4. Jemery says:

    I think that JT is only trying to stress how we as a civilized society should all play a role in identifying people who are socially marginalized. These people could be marginalized due to racism, culture or religion. There is massive racism in Canada towards people of colour and massive discrimination towards Muslims in Canada. There is also the issue of a justice system that fails to rehabilitate offenders and fails to provide proper health care for persons with mental disabilities. This is why JT is suggesting between the lines that crime and terror happens. Of course now the right winged facet of this country is blowing this right out of proportion.

  5. kitt says:

    Yes Justin needs to dumb down his single syllables so that the CONS can understand. Those two syllables totally throw crime minister.

  6. Larry Robinson says:

    Trudeau is out-and-out wrong, plain and simple.

    Was Justin just winging his response to an unexpected question from Mansbridge or was he prepped by his handlers to say what he said? This reminds me of Dion’s gaffe when he was asked “if you were the prime minister today, what would you have done?”

    Justin obviously made an effort to explain his thinking in depth but got his thoughts all twisted up, and then he was simply sabotaged by Harper’s curt comments in London.. and then there is the NDP supporting Harper.

    I can imagine what Pierre or Jean would have said in reply to such a question, and it would have been quite brutal against the bombers. Both of them were capable and even distinguished lawyers and they would have responded decisively because of their legal experiences. Meanwhile here we have Justin, a soft-hearted teacher, trying to delve into the state of mind of the disobedient bombers.

    Justin is not a tough leader and probably never will be given the character of his makeup. Even when he tried to respond to Harper’s jabs, he was inconclusive if not incoherent. At the HOC scrum he just blurted something and then cut and ran! Stand up man, and attack with everything you can muster!

    My God, Canada’s PM must be tough, like Pierre and Jean were, and I doubt Justin can be toughened enough to be that leader and PM. He’s a marshmallow and seeks the love of his audiences like any actor. He won’t get it from his political opponents who he must brutally crush to win for the Liberal party. Shit or get off the Liberal pot, Justin; you are now in with the big boys! Somebody has to say it to him now or it’s game over!

  7. Sean says:

    I’m as partisan Liberal as they come. I enthusiastically support the Charter, SSM, gun control etc.. I watched the CBC interview with keen interest. Trudeau didn’t look like he knew what he was doing in several clips. Hate to say it but Harper is right about the bombing 100%. Mansbridge had a distinctive look on his face, like a teacher taking in a presentation by a high school kid who obviously didn’t do their homework. Trudeau looked nervous and jumpy. His dad would have said something very similar to what Harper said today. Civilized people don’t try to understand / explain / excuse such lunacy. The fact that this individual engaged in such behavior automatically makes their point of view null and void. Full stop.

  8. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    M. Trudeau…….watch and learn…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeTsQQ22Uwc

  9. M5SLIB says:

    “there’s nothing Stephen Harper fears more than an engaged electorate”

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