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Byline, April 3: why the Grits need to go neg, and why the Cons will


  1. po'd says:

    Trudeau was correct about use of barbaric. Kenny is apparently out to make some hay with that term, but he’s playing to the Con base not the immigrant population he’s supposedly trying to encourage to reject bad things from the old country. Using that term will just make the supposed intended audience turn off and ignore the message.

    As for not going negative;

    “Keep hittin’em in the ribs ya see? Don’t let that bastard breathe! ”

    Mickey Goldmill

  2. Jamie says:

    I like Turdeau. I have hope for Trudeau as leader, but he has clearly been slurping up far too much of his own bathwater with this no negative nonsense. Someone please explain to this man that you have to be a politician before you get to be Prime Minister.

    Doesn’t he understand that two things the public like best about him is that he beat up Brazeau and called Peter Kent a “piece of shit”? Hardly positive.

  3. Pál Győző says:

    The Database Age

    In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s HAVE GONE not “will” the Conservatives go negative – and so HAVE the Americans and the Israelis and possibly others.

    Little piece on CBC television about a certain Liberal mover and shaker who apparently stashed 1.7 million dollars in the Cook Islands and has a long history of trying to stick it to Revenue Canada – added, his spouse is a Liberal Senator. I’m sure the details will get juicier as the season progresses.

    And however did that hard disk leak out? And this is how I predict it will go from here on in. One after one, the skeletons are found and dragged out into the harsh light of truth – that most terrible and relatively rare of public relations assets…

    Time to get squeaky clean. And go negative with a vengeance.

  4. Eric says:

    Going negative is hardly new ground for the Liberal party, so I don’t understand a lot of the sanctimony from members and sympathizers. Threats of hidden agenda and soldiers-in-our-cities come immediately to mind.

  5. Ridiculosity says:

    An Open Letter the the Liberal Party of Canada Executive,

    I am a Laurier Club Member and have been for years. You know what I’d like you to do with all of that money I’ve been sending you?

    Use it to defeat Stephen Harper in 2015. If it takes “negative” advertising to do it, I’m good with that. So is my cheque book.

    Both my patience and my generosity, however, will be severely tested if you insist on “taking the high road” – yet again.

    We’ve gone down that path numerous times before and it lead us nowhere – unless you think being in third-place is ‘somewhere’.

    Enough is enough. Just tell the truth and tell it well and Canadians will listen.

  6. Lynn says:

    Hit them hard, often and relentlessly. With Steve’s dismantling of so many positive attributes of Canadian society, it should not be hard to find the evidence and get the average Joe or Jane to pay attention to a laundry list of Steve has done to ruin Canada. Go negative, definitely, and keep pounding away until people realize that the future of their country is in jeopardy under that tyrant and the disgraceful MPs he has muzzled or keeps on a short leash. Fight the right and go negative to do it.

  7. Here’s a neat little fact for you. There is not going to be a General Election for two more years. TV advertising costs folding money, of which the CPC has a fair bit more than the Liberals at the moment. Just how, exactly, is the Liberal Party going to fund a TV campaign attacking Harper? For the next two years? Simple answer that I can think of is the only way to respond is by 1) either spending all the precious resources that should be going towards recruiting and building up the Party’s bascic infrastructure, or 2)relying on earned media, or 3)somehow turning the expected onslaught into a liability for the CPC. (see option 2). None of those three options look very promising from where I am sitting. That is the hard reality, maybe Trudeau has come to the same conclusion as I have, that there is no simple answer, but that the Party needs to build for damned sure….
    I would actually be quite interested in hearing ( or reading) some solutions to this fundamental dilemma.

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