04.22.2013 04:28 PM

Canada tops CNN news

…but not in a way that any of us would like, of course. ┬áThis one is a bit close to home, as my Mom is on that train run regularly.


  1. JB Blauq says:

    There seems to be a lot of crossed wires in the reporting on this – on one hand I read it’s based in Iran, the next it’s Al-Q.

    The two hate each other, probably as much as they hate the west – so something is funny here.

    As with most news, the first few hours of reporting can safely be ignored and the more accurate details will be out the next day.

    • LOL, I just commented in the same vein. I clicked submit, and there is your comment along the same vein. I think something very screwy, perhaps it is too topical a story also, with the change of agenda in the HOC, and Boston of course.

    • Kelly says:

      Or more misinformation just keeps coming out. How many people still think Saddam Hussein blew up the Twin Towers.

  2. You know what is really weird about that story? Al Qaeda… in Iran? And I read it again, it was not a misprint. If there is any regime in the world that Al Qaeda hates more than America it would be the apostates (Shiites) in Iran . Iran reciprocates the sentiment too, as the few Al Qaeda refugees from Afghanistan who went to Iran instead of Pakistan when the Taliban fell were promptly arrested and have been detained ever since. Arrests with no imminent threat… Why arrest them? I would think that any intel whatsoever about Al Qaeda in Iran would be pretty darned valuable, and if these two are known, they can be watched. There is something very odd about this story.

  3. Brammer says:

    The timing is interesting.

  4. George says:

    Maybe Justin can give them a huge and cure their underlying root causes of being disenfranchised from society at large

  5. Jemery says:

    What a shame that this is. Canadians need to wake up and smell the coffee and realize that in order to prevent this kind of thing you must understand it. Canada is a multicultural nation that has opened our doors to many many people from around the world that need help. These accused are innocent until proven guilty. They have done nothing wrong. They were probably marginalized and suffered discrimination so they perhaps simply discussed the recent bombings in Boston. But no because they were probably being watched due to racial police profiling viola!!!!! A big bust. There you have it.

    • Jon Adams says:


      • Jemery says:

        Islam is a religion of peace and a large majority of Muslims worldwide oppose violence, even when these Muslims are being persecuted in a supposed free nation like America and Canada. We must embrace the Muslim people in Canada and America and show them that we are compassionate and caring. But how can we do this when we torture a Muslim child accused of killing an America medic? How can we do this when we allow teenage boys to become disenfranchised to the point that they are accused of terror attacks in Algeria? How can we do this when we conduct illegal surveillance on 18 young Canadian Muslim men and accuse them of thinking about committing a crime then send them to prison for doing nothing of the such? And now we have more Muslims in free democratic Canada being accused of thinking about committing a crime.

        Come on get with it and wake up!

  6. Matt says:

    I was thrilled to see the Muslim community present at the presser and that it appears it was members of that community that were directly involved in guiding the authorities to these folks. In the end, we are all Canadians and we are all in this together.

  7. MCBellecourt says:

    There’s another way to look at this, too. Ever since the Conservatives got into office, Canadians have been divided. Now, more than ever, they are *dangerously* divided. Everyone, from every polical stripe, have been at each others’ throats for too long.

    A divided population gives would-be and wanna-be terrorists lots and lots of places to hide, because we dumbass Canadians are too busy fighting with each other to notice when something is amiss. Hiding in plain sight. We should all be so goddamned proud (sarcasm).

    The blame for all this division not only falls on the Conservatives, but to an extent falls on the rest of us as well. It’s time for Canadians to smarten the hell up and pool our efforts to elect a government that understands that.

    I’m glad that the Liberals seemed to have put an honest end to the infighting, so they can concentrate on countering the Con’s bullshit with some sane policy. It will be good to see sanity return to this country–the sooner, the better.

    • billg says:

      …”ever since the Cons got into office Canadians have been divided”….”a divided population gives would-be and wanna-be terrorists lots and lots of places to hide”…
      So, are you blaming terrorism on Stephen Harper or, Mike Harris, or, Conservatives in general, or, all 3. And if your right, and Im not saying your not, then, maybe we should bypass Democracy altogether and replace it with a full time Liberal govt, and that way we could “see sanity return to this country-the sooner, the better”….its best if we dont allow the stupid peple to vote.
      If you read your comment lets say 10 times and still think it makes sense then seek help, quickly.

      • MCBellecourt says:

        No, I’m not blaming terrorism on Harper, I’m blaming the division amongst our population on Harper’s negativity. That is specifically what I said, in spite of your lame effort to put words into my keyboard.

        You can twist words all you want, but there’s no denying that the level of negativity in Canada is directly due to this asshole excuse for a government, and you Cons can wear it with your fragile pride.

        How about some actual GOVERNANCE instead of the bullshit PROPAGANDA? You Cons might actually get taken seriously if your heros tried that for a change–but at this rate, it might only take…a decade or two.

        • MCBellecourt says:

          Oh, and by the way, it’s this stupid Harper government that’s been playing kissy-face with Netanyahoo at the expense of our reputation as a broker of peaceful negotiation and a model of neutrality, so your heroes are slowly but surely turning us all into targets. There was no need for this, but your Harper government just hadda be the big boys in the pool, spraying testosterone all over the goddamned place, and embarassing the hell out of the rest of us.

          So stop whining about the disdain you Conservatives bring onto yourselves, because it is clear that that was your ultimate goal, anyway.

          • Ottawa Civil Servant says:

            I don’t want neutrality. I want a government that states that Hezbollah and Hamas, the Provisional IRA and the FLQ are terrorist organizations. I want nuanced foreign policy that reflects that being an “honest broker” does not mean being a patsy.

            We are not becoming targets because we oppose terrorism anymore than a women is raped because she espouses equality.

            The best policy Canada could have is to demonstrate whole-hearted solidarity with Israel, demonstrating that terror will never work in seperating us from our allies and that a political solution (two states) is the only option. Hamas will continue as long as it thinks it can win through terrorism and isolating Israel.
            Once Hamas is isolated and starved for funds, then Palestine can accept the 97% of the land Israel already offered and land swaps for the rest.

  8. Ottawa civil servant says:

    Wow: Conspiracy theorists spewing blame and casting doubt on the official account because of the AQ / Iran issue.

    Warren, please use your moderator superpowers to inject some rational thought.
    Literally hundreds of witnesses provided photos of the bombings; CCTVs caught image after image of the murderers as they went about their business; they wanted the car jack victim to take them seriously, so they stated the truth about who they were; dumbass drove over his brother, then fled on foot, again see the eye witnesses and video of a fire fight in a Boston suburb.

    What form of pond scum thinks any government has the ability to keep anything secret, especially in a rapidly changing environment with an entire population of iPhone cameras and thousands of cops as witnesses?

  9. doris says:

    If I see that fat slug Van Loan deny any linkage to the RCMP presser and the anti-terror debate I think I will throw up – again

  10. Patrice Boivin says:

    The media has been telling us for months that Al-Qaeda is fighting against Bashar Al-Assad in Syria with some backing from the West. Mr. Assad is backed by Iran (Shi’ite) and Russia, with logistical help from Shi’ites in southern Iraq.

    Maybe the people who put that press release together don’t know the politics of the middle east or they don’t follow the news?

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