04.17.2013 06:44 AM

Eight things Trudeau should never do

I agree with every single one of these.

But picking Cyrus Reporter is a good thing to do.  Smart guy, good guy.

More here.


  1. dave says:

    I think Trudeau should avoid wearing a gaudy flower in his lapel, and he should never pirhouette when the queen is not looking.

  2. Larry Robinson says:

    Anybody notice that Justin seems to use too many words to explain himself? It’s almost as if he likes hearing his voice or wants to come off as authoritative. Perhaps he should be more succinct and speak in shorter phrases so that the media reporters can easily reproduce his statements in clean sound bites.

    A politician who speaks in streams of words comes off as suspicious. K.I.S.S. also applies to politics.

  3. Tired of it All says:

    Mebbe 7 of 8. Trudeau must keep with the slick threads. Enough with politicians who believe that navy blue is somehow absolution for their past transgressions or convey a sense of gravitas they will never possess.

  4. JB Blauq says:

    FWIW, I just talked to some peeps I know quite well in Ontario, dyed in the wool, 60+, anti american, pro union large L liberals that think PET was the 2nd coming and anyone east of Ontario are borderline hicks, except Albertans, who are, at best, clueless rednecks.

    They don’t like Justin, and oddly enough, didn’t like Harper that much, but they do like the job he’s doing. They say he keeps his mouth shut and just does what needs to be done. It’s a grudging respect, but it’s respect nonetheless.

    I think these people, rather than CPC attack ads, are the ones Justin needs to fear..

    • I think that anecdotal evidence is always suspect, unless you are using it to illustrate hard data. Given that objective polling data, from numerous sources demonstrates that 60 year old large L liberals overwhelmingly support Trudeau, your anecdote is not representative, and hence doubly suspect. I am not challenging the truth of your example, just sayin it isn’t representative of very many people.

  5. JB Blauq says:

    correction, I meant “west of Ontario”

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