04.12.2013 05:39 AM

Hanging on the telephone

I don’t like robocalls, and I like the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for robocalls even less. This is wrong.


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    Matt says:

    I was on the call last night. I didn’t know it was done along the boundaries vulnerable or ‘lost’ ridings or what funds were used. I figured I was invited due to the sins of past involvement. Still, no quite a robocall as folks participated and it was about an hour long. At it’s end, I kind of left think that is was actually pretty well done.

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    Ken Tufts says:

    I got these calls Wednesday and Thursday night. Thought they were stupid OLP come-on. I’m a life-long Liberal, so I don’t need convincing, so I just hung up on boht. Then I hear they were paid for the the government!

    Not good enough, not at all…

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    Darcy McNeill says:

    Not robocalls. They’re invites to join a telephone townhall. At worst, it’s the phone-equivalent of getting a flyer in your mailbox. As the Sun reports, “Across Ontario, the robocalls have gone out to 10 Liberal, nine Tory and five NDP ridings.” Pretty balanced pre-Budget consultation.

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    patrick says:

    Robo calls are annoying, but if they are just being used to spread the party line then it should come from the party’s personal funds. If it’s an attempt to engage the public in policy by the government in charge, not such a bad use of tax dollars (of course this statement is so grey that it’ll be abused as soon as a phone is dialed – lets pretend we live in a perfect world for a moment). A robo call used to misinform, misdirect, or any other way subvert our democracy is a criminal offence and the party benefitting from the results should be punished.
    Though why a party would use a form of communication that is the equivalent of telemarketing is beyond me.

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