04.19.2013 05:47 AM

It’s gonna be tough

On all sides, too. Good luck to all the good ones.  Specifically, the honest ones.


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    Ed Frink says:

    What Tea Party Tim is doing is anti-democratic.

    This new government hasn’t even been allowed a chance to govern. The democratic thing to do would be to hold off on an election so that the voters can warm up to Kathleen more.

    What Hudak is doing is tantamount to a coup d’etat.

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      Cath says:

      He cant do anything without Horwath’s help. Speaking to a loyal NDP supporter this morning who is hoping Horwath doesn’t hold out too long. His feeling was that even the NDPer that he is doesn’t like his money being wasted either.

      Also, to a point that WK made just after the Wynne win was that she doesn’t have time to “govern” or change things drastically enough to come out of this.

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    Scott says:

    Great to see Don Guy on board. On the other hand, is Greg Sorbara out as campaign chair (replaced by a Martin hack, no less)? This would be a problem.

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