04.05.2013 06:22 AM

Ivison on Libs

Fun read. (Even if he’s a gadfly of a columnist.)

Best line: the last one.

Also, I intend to mock Butts with the “svengali” appellation for the next decade or so.


  1. Sean says:

    Ivison is a brutal columnist, I mean absolutely brutal. I honestly don’t understand why he is employed and what the Post sees in him. If he were writing these columns for a gr. 11 poly sci class, he would be getting “C”s. His analysis is basically just stabs in the dark, wild guesses about what might happen. Every time he’s on TV I just roll my eyes and flip the channel.

  2. Bill Case says:

    Justin has peaked and now it’s all downhill because NDP and Conservative truthful attack ads will cut him down to size small and silly! He will fold like lawn chair and get flattened faster than Dion or Iggy. Enjoy the boy while you can because he’s on a political vacation now.

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