04.19.2013 12:50 PM

Ross Landry is liar

“It has become apparent that our laws have not kept pace with the world we live in,” said Landry in a release.

Oh, really?  So, the fact that she was photographed while being gang-raped – when she was 15 years old – doesn’t fall within the relevant section of, say, the Criminal Code?  Really?

So, like, you need to travel all the way to Ottawa to demand a new law, to (hopefully) cover up the fact that you already had a perfectly good law you could have made use of, months ago?  And, if the feds in any way delay, so you can shift blame to them? Is that the strategy, perchance?

Ross Landry: liar and asshole.


  1. Michael S says:

    A senior RCMP officer got a seven day suspension without pay for groping a female colleague’s ass and then bragging about it. Seven days for something that would anyone in the real world fired immediately for cause. It indicates that the problem is that the local RCMP and crown prosecutors don’t think this is a crime, hence their inability to associate current laws with it.

    • Cynical says:

      Maybe. I will give them SOME benefit of the doubt. I personally suspect they are simply risk-averse shitweasels who don’t want to prosecute unless it is a slam dunk.
      Give ’em hell in any case, Warren. If you need a defence fund against libel or slander (IANAL) I’m in.

      Weasels, unfortunately, are employed with equal opportunity by governments Blue, Red, Orange, and probably Green.

      • Warren says:

        Thanks, but I’m not worried about that. I just would like this nightmare to end for Rehtaeh’s family.

        • dave says:

          When the ‘support the boys’ group put up their poster just outside the home of Rehteah’s family, it suggested that they are not going to allow that nightmare to end.

  2. Kyle H says:

    Out of curiosity, Warren, what do you think of the changes to the CC proposed by Landry? Outside of the fact that its unneeded, as you pointed out, is that kind of law really effective for what they want? is it even the right thing to do?

  3. NotSurprisedCFA says:

    The whole cabinet together and premier could not make a decent IQ. Ross Landry reminds me of Barney Fife with less abilities. Marilyn More is a nice lady but out of her depth on this file and any other. Ramona Jennex never blinks and usually appears mystified. Darrell Dexter has always reminded me of Fred Flinstone, even with his weight loss, and about the same intellectual ability as said character IMHO. Not many quality DMs either to mitigate the disasters, they usually contribute to the chaos and crap along with the Sr, execs hence the ongoing messes and ridiculous responses by the gov’t. It is enough to make one weep.

    Why does the press not mention the Darrel Dexter’s riding is Cole Harbour. I do not remember seeing that anywhere yet? Has the press stated it is the Premier’s riding. Just another odd thing about this case IMO.

    The smell here is not sea air, it is corruption and mendacity and I hope the ROC keeps asking questions about WTF goes on in this “ocean playground”. The sound you hear as you leave the city is banjo music. And sadly you do not have to go far to hear it.

    Keep pushing. The disinfection of sunlight and fresh air is desperately needed. Keep making them look like the fools that they are.

  4. Good call, Warren.

    [article]According to Rehtaeh’s mother, four boys sexually assaulted her daughter when she was 15 years old. Rehtaeh was then said to have been mocked by classmates, enduring relentless harassment and humiliation after a photo of the attack was circulated at her school and on social media.

    Police investigated, but no charges were laid.

    “It has become apparent that our laws have not kept pace with the world we live in,” said Landry in a release.[/article]

    This needs to be addressed at more than one level immediately. Those police need to be educated and given guidelines immediately.

    That is shameful. I am shocked.

  5. Rose Parker says:

    This is illustrative of the great problem of our age: the often great divide between the de jure and the de facto. Agreed, our criminal code is more than adequate in this and almost all matters. I think it speaks to the fact that if the underlying society becomes so dysfunctional a tipping point is crossed and those that are supposed to enforce the rule of law become paralyzed; we then descend to the law of the jungle.

    While society will no doubt look to Chechen culture as a grim example of barbarism and savagery, the gang rape of an intoxicated 15-year girl, the subsequent demonization of that girl as somehow now impure and a “slut” and “whore,” and the subsequent push to her self-slaughter, it is self-evident the greasy town of Coal Harbour is of the same bestial nature.

  6. Maybe the vigilantes should do something. If the RCMP refuse to do their job in this case, maybe it falls under criminal negligence when something does happen. And just maybe, criminal negligence causing death, will be the charge levied by the public against the RCMP. I believe that their negligence in Rethaeh’s case is already a case for this, but add 4 young boys deaths to the list and see who can argue the facts when they are forcibly confronted.

  7. Pat Jansen says:


    Things are going to get heavy:

    “Barnes said he’s always looking behind him, worried for his safety.

    “It is really ruining my life because I had to deactivate my Facebook because of this. Going out in public and stuff, I always have to worry about who recognizes me … I always have to look out, behind my back all the time,” he said.

    Halifax privacy lawyer David Fraser said wrongfully naming someone is grounds for a defamation lawsuit.”


    It would be prudent to limit all electronic communications for all sensitive matters until things die down.

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