04.04.2013 06:18 AM

The New Disappearing Party of Canada

Yaffe’s right – Trudeau has basically erased the Mulcair Dippers’ public profile.

But the process was underway well before Justin Trudeau became a leadership candidate. Bob Rae, and his caucus, have been punching above their weight for two years. The result – contrary to what I, and others, predicted – has been the Liberals soundly beating the NDP in media coverage.

And, now, the polls.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It isn’t for nothing that the New Democrats are going to purge all references to socialism in their platform. Smart thing to do. But even with that, I would argue that Canada is not yet prepared for a social-democratic federal government. Quebec is but much of the rest of the country is not. Hence, advantage Justin in the opposition sweepstakes.

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    Cath says:

    Isn’t what’s happening to Muclair and the NDP typical of what happens to a party when it’s built on one man? In the NDP’s case Layton? Isn’t the LPOC in danger of doing the same thing with the supposed Trudeau coronation?

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      smelter rat says:

      You mean like the CPC did with Harper?

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        Cath says:

        it’s ok if you confuse a merger with a coronation. Good thing that Trudeau didn’t agree to a merger with the NDP now ‘eh?

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          smelter rat says:

          Piss off. The “Harper Government” is and always will be a one man show. Also, Peter MacKay needs a good swift kick in the nuts. He sold out the real Conservatives for a few pieces of gold.

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    Michael Behiels says:

    Layton, then Mulcair, made the big mistake of trying to form a national government by promising the Québécois nationalists everything they wanted- a Canada/Quebec two nation states confeseral arrangement.
    Once Canadians in Quebec and the rest of Canada realised how Layton managed to win 59 seats (by promising a comstitutional arrangement that would destroy Canada) in Quebcec the scam was bound to explode in Mulcair’s face.

    Yes! Congratulations to Bob Rae who worked selflessly like a dog to rebuild a shattered Liberal Party. If the Liberal Party of Canada manages to win Office once again Rae will deserve much of the credit and he should be given an important Ministry. He has much to offer as an elder statesman.

    There is much more work to be done by old and new Liberals once the leadeship issue is decided.

    1- Liberlas have to rebuild the party structure from ground up in order to attract members and then get out the vote in 2015.

    2- Liberals need to give generously the the LPC so that it can undertake a well designed and well coordinated counter-attack the the vicious attack that is now being planned by the Harpercons War Room with its big Howitzers that will carpet bomb the day lights out of everything they put into their sights.

    3- Liberals have to formulate policies that are realistic responses to what all the candidates have being hearing on the ground over the past two years of touring the country.

    Good luck!

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    CM says:

    Love that poll


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    Bill Case says:

    No poll two years out from an election is worth the paper it is written on.

    The real purpose and value of this poll is to help Trudeau internally within the LPC.

    The entire process has been rigged in his favour from the outset and when that did not work they re-rigged the process by extending the reg deadline.

    Garneau was the first candidate to figure this out and said as much when he quit the phony race. Just like the timing and the creative math applied to this collage of polls is designed to do by swinging the soft vote from the other candidates over to him.

    The LPC long ago made the decision, out of shear desperation, to crown the boy king in hopes that he will be their saviour and propel them back into power.

    Problem is that once Cdns hear in his own words, 10 times a day, his bigoted views on how Francophones are superior in intellect to Anglophones and therefore Francophones have the right and obligation to lead Canada because Anglophones are too stupid, he will be all but dead to English Canada.

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    Philippe says:

    We’re back, baby. We needed a charisma guy, and we have it. Only us political geeks give a sh*t about the deep policy stuff. Most Canadians will simply vote for someone they like, based on a 3 minute TV clip.

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