05.31.2013 08:22 AM

Blackberry sucks: an update

Downloaded that Blackberrry 10 update yesterday, before leaving for Ottawa. Device has not worked since. Dead as a doornail.

In case you’re wondering, did this wee post on my iPhone. There’s a moral, there.


  1. Kelly says:

    Don’t update via wifi. Go to blackberry’s site, plug your Blackberry into your computer via usb and update.

    I switched from iPhone to the new BlackBerry and have never looked back. It’s much more efficient. I also like being able to drag and drop files without having to use iTunes or have apple push me around.

  2. Brine says:

    Oh brother… How on earth is Apple “pushing you around”?!

    • Kelly says:

      Try dragging and dropping anything other than photos onto an iPhone or iPod. No and using a third party file manager doesn’t cut it. Also not allowing you to remove annoying update reminder graphics without updating to seriously flawed ios updates (remember when they tried to force us to use their lousy mapping program? Oh yeah and how about forcing you to buy an adapter for the new iPhone five interface cable that doesn’t work with anything – pure cash grab… need I go on?

      • Kaspar Juul says:

        None of that is pushing you around. Blackberry has made their operating system incapable of backwards compatibility, rendering many phones obsolete. They’re eons behind in third party apps and have only recently made it easier to create apps. Their third party apps are expensive too considering some of their equivalents are free on ios.

        Apple maps? Proprietary yes, but unless Apple send Scott Forestell to your house to force you to use it at gunpoint you were hardly coerced. Anyways the google maps for ios app was far superior to its equivalent for ios.

        It’s funny you view updating an OS by tethering superior. I can update my ios devices win wifi and without a hitch. Never bricked. Now my android tablet can update all media via Kies but that is also proprietary software.

        Preferring one operating system to another is fine. Claiming you’re being pushed around is nonsense. If that’s the case why not grab a Ubuntu phone if it ever appears.

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