05.21.2013 09:53 AM

Conservative/Ford Nation logic, in three easy steps

  1. It’s wrong for progressives to pay bad guys for a video showing a crime.
  2. It’s perfectly okay for a conservative mayor to pay the same bad guys for drugs.
  3. Res ipsa loquitur.



  1. Truth Alert Tim Hudak: It was not a broken Dalton McGuinty promise. No one can order a stoppage until after the election. Because the writ was dropped and Ontario legislature was dissolved, cancellation has to wait for the prov. gov. to be *in power*.

    http://youtu.be/mgcIskOvzcg 1:14 min. long


  2. Joe Harrington says:

    Thanks for the Latin lesson, Warren! Let the hounds go a bene placito!

  3. Sb says:

    Perhaps Stercus ipsa loquitur is more fitting.

  4. Dan S says:

    To paraphrase the always astute Pierre Poilievre: The root cause of drug dealers is drug users.

  5. Graham says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if this whole thing was a hoax set up by Ford to embarrass the Star and get money from the lefties who hate him so much to pay his legal bills from the conflict of interest case?

    • Ted B says:

      Were you in the room with Ford?

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Him setting it up as a hoax would be nearly as damaging to him as the truth.

      Besides that, he’s an idiot who couldn’t come up with an exit strategy involving a wet paper bag.

      • Graham says:

        How so?

        Let’s be clear. I’m not suggesting it is a Ford created hoax, but how would it be more damaging to him?

        We KNOW the Star gets stories from social media and runs with the WITHOUT any fact checking on their part.

        See the story they ran about a Liberal MPP who is off on medical leave. The Star found a pic of her on facebook in Mexico, and ran with a story about her screwing off on holiday when she was supposed to be off sick.

        Turns out the picture the Star based their story on was three years old. They had to issue an apology and send their reporters to social media training.

    • Not really, I think it would be really funny if Rob Ford was hangin out with his crack dealer, soking a few bowls calling Trudeau a ‘Fag’ and such, while all along, it turned out his crack dealer was only in it for the money, and was recording the whole thing for sale to the media. now THAT would be funny!

  6. Patrick says:

    4 – It can’t be real because Somali drug dealers from Scarborough all side line as CGI teckies.
    5 – It’s not true because everyone who has seen the video that doesn’t exit are lying about seeing a video that doesn’t exist. They hang around with 95% of scientists faking global warming.
    6 – If the lefto/commo/pinkd/winko/dinkos would just leave Rob alone he wouldn’t have to smoke crack to get through the day.
    7 – What about Stalin, huh. What about Stalin.
    8 – Why are you talking Muslim?

    • Tired of it All says:

      Thanks for the chuckle…

    • 9 – The Toronto Star just wants to restart the Gravy Train! Gravy! Gravy! Gravy!

      PS – Subways! Subways! Subways!

      • Graham says:

        Well, given all the Scarborogh councillors who voted to kill the subway for Scarborogh in favour of LRT’s now support a subway for Scarborogh and have even tried to reopen the debate, I’d say subways, subways, subways indeed.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      A problem with CGI animation meant to look like real people is that often the eyes look kind of “dead” and creepy (as in Polar Express.

      Of course for anyone animating Rob Ford that would be a time-saver

  7. Eric Weiss says:

    Not wanting to see a drug gang become more profitable and powerful, is not the same as supporting Ford or thinking that it was OK for Ford to buy drugs from the said gang. That’s a logical fallacy.

    And yes, I am a small-c conservative, but I am not a Ford supporter. He never should have been elected or allowed to keep his job after the conflict of interest issue. I understand the Ford hate. But let’s be rational.

    You don’t like him fine, beat him at the ballot box. Don’t give drug dealers that terrorize the streets of your city the ability to be a better, more powerful gang.

    Ford May or may not have given drug dealers money, but you know where your money is going to go.

    • I think that given the crack dealers want the money so they can move to Calgary, it is my duty as a Citizen of the good city of Toronto to donate a few bucks to help get rid of Rob Ford, and get a ticket out of town for the crack dealer in the same fell swoop. With any luck, the Crack dealer will repeat his exploits with a few Federal Politicians from the Calgary area.

  8. deb s says:

    I like the logic! and even better is a suggested step four… to coin a latin proverb…Duos parietes de eadem fidelia dealbare
    and it cleans the streets of said drugdealers and the crackhead mayor:)

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