05.11.2013 01:39 PM

Doug Finley

RIP, Doug.

Last communicated with him in an email exchange – about rock’n’roll, not politics.

That tells me he had his priorities straight. My condolences to his family and many friends.


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    Justin Time says:

    I’m told he was a big Shit From Hell fan.

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    David Rhind says:

    Thank you for posting this Warren.Very thoughtful.

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    Arnold Murphy says:

    Contrary to some peoples knowledge, Doug was the guy in the party that gave me the heads up and told me to run early and hard. Unfortunately I did not listen to him, last seen him at a Conservative party Sk meeting where he left the room when Jeremy Harrisons campaign team including his mom started in on the Metis of which I am one, being responsible for his problems. The comments were racial, hateful and in the presence of the Party President also a so-called military brother. When I confronted him and voiced my anger at the outbursts which were to say the least insulting and hateful, he was condescending, Don Plett thanks for nothing. Now that Doug is gone, I can say he took me aside downstairs at the elevator, consoled me and told me to go ahead, he I do not think was one of their ilk so to speak but a political animal. So I thank him for his moral encouragement at a dark hour, and for restoring my faith in people somewhat. RIP Doug Finley

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    Siobhan Finley says:

    Remember he did and fought for what he believed. How many can say they have done that,you can comment when you have tried to make a change. He did what he needed, we may not agree but he did what most of us can’t do…he stood his ground. Peace Dad

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