05.08.2013 09:02 AM

Ontario politics, explained

Just watched NDP leader Andrea Horwath’s presser. Here’s what I think is going on:

1. Andrea Horwath is playing the role of a Liberal;

2. Kathleen Wynne is playing the role of a New Democrat; and

3. Tim Hudak is playing himself – that is, a Reform Party member.

Make sense to you? Me, neither.


  1. Michael says:

    In a weird way it does.

    Point #3. Tim has read the tea leaves and come to the conclusion that his only path to the premier’s office is to go hard right. Appeal to that hardcore base and hope the other two split the vote and he can squeak in. He also thinks that if he does his best Chicken Little “the sky is falling and it is all the Liberal’s fault” routine, people will get scared and want a dose of tough medicine. If he gets people feeling scared and vulnerable enough they will go after those they perceive as having it too easy (the politics of envy), civil servants and those on social assistance.

    Point #1. Andrea, like Jack and Thomas “Tom” Mulcair knows that voters will never elect an NDP government. She knows her only path to power is to turn herself and her party into a pale pink imitation of the Liberals.

    • Graham says:

      Have you looked at the last 10 years of Liberal rule in Ontario?

      Massive deficit
      DOUBLING of the debt
      Interest payments on the debt now the third largest expenditure behind health anb education
      Disasterous policies like the Green Energy Act
      Billions wasted on scandal after scandal
      Put on “credit watch” by credit rating agencies
      Falling to Have Not status

      That’s not “chicken little” stuff my friend.

      • Michael says:

        Your lips are all blue from drinking the Kool Aid.

        After dealing with the hidden deficit left behind by the last PC regime, the budget was balanced. Only after the greatest economic downturn since the 1930s did the province go into deficit. The economic down turn had the double whammy of reducing government revenues at the same time as more people were accessing social services. The budget is on track to be balance by the 2017-18 fiscal year. The last 4 years the government has exceeded projections, the only jurisdiction in Canada with that record.

        Why is it that conservatives are so concerned about the Ontario deficit, but nary a peep from them about the federal one? One that is structural before the recession because of Harper’s ill advised 2% cut to the GST.

        • Graham says:

          And your vision is tinted with you Liberal red glasses.

          McGuinty and his team have added more to the debt than ALL OTHER ONTARIO GOVERNMENTS COMBINED. Love how you used the global economic downturn as an excuse for the Mcguinty Liberals deficit, but never mention that same global economic downturn when talking about the Federal deficit.

          And why do Liberal supporters, when complaining about “Harper’s deficit” never mention it was the Libs, NDP, and Bloc joining together to force deficit spending?

          Why do you, when claiming Martin was such a good finance minister never talk about HOW he balanced the books? He cut 75,000 public sector jobs, downloaded BILLIONS worth of services onto the provinces, and used the GST and free trade, two PC policies the Liberals promised to scrap in 1993 to do it.

          PS – Mulroney ran surpluses from 87 to 93. We were in deficit from making payments on the debt TRUDEAU allowed to grow uncontrolled.

        • Graham says:

          Michael SOUSA, is that you?

          They are on track to ballance the books by 2017 – 2018? After announcing a $2 Billion INCREASE in the deficit for 2013 – 2014?

          I see you got you LPO talking points in you inbox.

          • Mike says:

            An increase relative to last year’s actual, not projected number. Assuming they inflated their projections again, they should come in around 6 next year. Ya dig?

  2. Michael says:

    PS: Fire up the campaign buses, I am giving odds that we have a June election

    • Graham says:

      I hope you’re right, but I don’t think Horwath will vote against it.

      She’s simply using this time to squeeze more out of the Libs.

      Actually, just thinking about it, it wouldn’t suprise me if the NDP took the cowards way out and abstained.

  3. Ottawa Civil Servant says:

    Where’s the defense of the former Premier and his stunning non-answers, yesterday?
    Like when he said they had no idea as to the cost of the gas plant cancellations, and his denial of knowing the costs, when 12 witnesses have already said he did.

  4. Cath says:

    So Horwath is giving the illusion of moving the goal posts is she? If she’s got the scones to vote against the budget I can see her numbers and fate changing dramatically. Those from the Liberals who like her and don’t want to continue with Wynne will move to her. Those PCs who aren’t feeling Hudak will move to her over Wynne. Those NDP faithful will stick with the real left-deal rather than Wynne.

    If this is all a bluff and Horwath’s NDP vote to support the budget like Sid and Kathleen want then I think she loses more than her standing in the polls. Her credibility is shot and her popularity will dive.

  5. David says:

    Poor Kathleen the only way for her to come out of this with any semblance of power is to vote against her own budget and force an election. If Kathleen fails to implement Horwath’s accountability demands she is going to look pretty guilty. (Horwath can thank Hudak for doing much of the message track heavy lifting for her!) If Kathleen does acquiesce to Horwath’s accountability demands she looks weak and not worthy of support as a leader. This new ONDP is crafty boy.

    • Michael says:

      Her only way out of this is to ask where was this idea all along? Why not bring it up in the pre-budget consultations?

      But yeah, talk about being between a rock and a hard place. You can wiggle out of it, but it is going to take some finesse.

  6. Donna says:

    Horwath: “After examining the Budget, I have decided to vote for it because it has too many good NDP recommended concessions that will benefit most Ontarians and outweigh the past sins of the McGuinty Liberals. There will be plenty of time to decide when the Wynne government should be held fully accountable for past sins and if necessary to vote no confidence and a necessary election.”

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