05.09.2013 08:57 AM

Q: Which BC political party ran attack ads, and which one didn’t?

A: If you’re a regular at this web site, you already know the answer.

(Justin Trudeau, are you paying attention? Hope so.)


  1. buck says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fed. libs. continue to say they won’t run attack ads, and then, come election time, run attack ads. Anyone on the opposing side who looks to make the accusation of hypocrisy would face retorts that they are hard hitting truthful ads, but not attacks, an in the ensuing brouhahaha and debate about what is an ‘attack’ in the media, the ads would get huge attention and airplay – earned media?

    • Kevin T. says:

      I am thinking (actually, hoping) that they are just doing a little rope-a-dope, two years is a long time and, no matter their tactics which will be the same as ever, the Cons just won’t get their shine back and they already look tired. Things won’t get better for them, that is just a fact, and Canadians (the actual majority) want something new and better, not to mention know where $3.1 went.
      George Bush was such a fuck up and a destructive force to his country, that the US elected the first African-American president.
      Harper has been such an enemy and a destructive force to our country, that Canada will re-elect a Trudeau as PM. The first photos of Obama and Trudeau will be worldwide, just wait and see.

  2. Beth Higginson says:

    Please note the following from a Quebec based paper. As I said previoulsy my daughter who is 27 and donated to Trudeau’s campaign – thinks the Harper attack ads are stupid.


    Having been in sales for most of my career – I am more prone to attack back after what happened to Ignatieff and Dion.

    • Me too, in Sales management (amongst other disciplines), so you have probably heard the adage you do not bad mouth the competition. Well, actually you DO if you want the order, but you have to be subtle. Damning with faint praise is my favourite. Even better is when you praise the opposition for something irrelevant to your prospects buying decision lending credibility to your diss when you point out that they cannot fulfil the prospects specific needs. As far as I can tell, Trudeau has plenty of negative things to say, but they are more subtle than circus music. 2 more years to go, this is a long game. Not the same thing as an election in the writ period. I do NOT know if the CPC is willing to spend a million per month. If I were them I would be, but I think they better get more subtle than they have been to date.

  3. Graham says:

    Justin doesn’t have to run attack ads.

    The CBC, Toronto Star, CTV, Ottawa Citizen, Hill Times, Global, The Globe and Mail, his mom, ect will attack Harper for him.

    Just like McGuinty in Ontario. He never had to run a negative ad because all his union buddies spent $5 million or so doing it for him.

    • deb s says:

      lol…so true!

    • Kevin T. says:

      Kinda like Harper spending $113 million on himself.

    • Neil says:

      Graham, you are an idiot, I just have to say it. the CBC is soooooo pro Conservative I can’t even watch it anymore, listening to Rex Murphey worship Harper just makes me sick. There is not a single pro Liberal media outlet, do you really believe such garbage or is this just your conservative talking point, the VAST right wing media conspiracy is overwhelming. Do you have any evidenc of pro Liberal bias? How many of those outlets endorsed the Liberals vs the Conservatives, answer that question doofus!

      • Graham says:

        What colour is the sky in your fantasy world Neil?

        CBC are PRO Conservative? Run, don’t walk, RUN to your doctor.

        Your meds need adjusting.

        You hold up Rex Murphy, who appears ONCE a week for 3 to 5 minutes as an example of the CBC’s Conservative bias?

        Have you never seen Terry Milewski, Hanna Tibedeau, Carol McNeil, Andrew Nichols, Susan Bonner, Wendy Mesley, Susan Ormiston, contributors like Chantal Hebert, Bruce Anderson, Althea Raj. That’s just the beginning.

        And who can forget the little quiz on their site during the 2011 federal election. No matter how you answered the questions, the results ALWAYS said you views were in line with the Liberals.

        • Neil says:

          Graham – The sky is of course blue, the same colour as it is in every freakin news room in Canada. Three of the highest paid people on CBC, Rex Murphy, Don Cherry and that Kevin O’Leary guy, all raging Conservatives. Your impression of all those reporters is they are Libs, but that is just your impression, mine is they give Harper sooooo much space it is amazing, he gets away with murder that no other PM would ever get away with and they let him, I would argue that your examples (with the possible exception of Milewski, and he spent a lot of time in Calgary) are all at least inclined to give the tories the benefit of the doubt, yet the plural of anecdotes is not data, you have your feeling, I have mine, we both think the the other is an idiot so lets assume a saw off. So I go back – How many media outlets endorsed the Liberals in the last election? How many? Answer that and we have a data point that proves something, rather then your typical “I feel” conservative shit that needs no science or proof behind it. Chantel Herbert!!!!! Liberal???? she alone probably cost the Liberals 30 seats in Quebec in the last election, she hates the Liberals!! My God man do you WATCH the news???

  4. DJ says:

    Honestly, Warren, the NDP is in a fine position. The NDP’s vote is very efficient. The Liberals may be gaining ground in areas they already have, but that doesn’t increase their seat count. The NDP is on track to win 50 plus seats, a commanding majority. The Clark/Marissen crowd is done. (The hatred against them is deep in the BC Liberal Party too.) Watch that NDP machine go into play on Tuesday. The NDP does not seem worried in these last few days.

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