05.03.2013 07:31 AM

SFH salutes the Shanghai Cowgirl, R.I.P.

SFH got together in our new practice spot last night, and lamented the passing – coming up this weekend – of our long-time hang-out, The Shanghai Cowgirl. The Cowgirl’s been Queen West’s best spot for more than a decade, but it is to be no more, making way for an eatery that is more upscale.

To commemorate that, an SFH video filmed right next door, at the Bovine Sex Club. (The song is part of Julie Pacino’s ‘Billy Bates’ soundtrack, thus the clips from said film.) It’s a bit dated – we are, now, a happy trio – but a bit of punk rock fun. Here’s hopin’ the Bovine doesn’t go the way of the Cowgirl, and (from the looks of it) the rest of Queen West.  Yuppies, begone!


  1. Eric Weiss says:

    Gentrification is the scourge of creativity.

  2. deb s says:

    this is an awesome song! and yeah I miss many of the toronto dives!

  3. Ritalin boy says:

    Yuppie? The urban professional part sure. The young part? Not so much.

  4. Eric says:

    I hope the food still remains awesome. I really love the perogies they have there. Just like I remember them as a kid.

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