05.09.2013 09:42 AM

Star self-flagellation: the latest

This is starting to look like a ritual humiliation of a veteran reporter who doesn’t deserve it, at all.

Oh, and the “award-winning” guy giving everyone civics lessons?  His M.O. is to call at the last minute, and to be as general as possible.

Everyone makes mistakes.  Admit ’em, apologize, learn, and move on.  This kind of public shaming isn’t necessary, or wanted.


  1. Cath says:

    Agree. Although even small town reporters and journos. know NEVER to use anything off of facebook…..EVER!
    He really should have known better for sure.
    You say “ritual humiliation”. Absolutely.
    Will the training mean that mistakes will not be made again? Nope.

  2. Mike says:

    Did you see their recent article about Harinder Tahkar resigning from Cabinet? It bothered me how they used quotes on ‘medical issues’ as though suggesting its not true. If they don’t believe the press release why would they even believe he really resigned? To be consistent they should say he ‘resigned’ his ‘post’ as a result of ‘medical issues.’ Using them only on ‘medical issues’ is a subtle (cowardly) effort at hinting something they don’t really know.

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