05.27.2013 06:23 AM

The Ford scandal: video that “doesn’t exist” now linked to a homicide

From the front page of this morning’s Globe:

A senior member of Rob Ford’s office was interviewed by police last week about a tip linking a video allegedly showing the mayor smoking illicit drugs to a recent Toronto homicide, two separate sources have confirmed.

The staffer felt compelled to share the tip, which came to him from someone else in the mayor’s office, with police because it could constitute evidence in a homicide investigation.

Mother of God. A murder? The video, which Rob Ford now confidently (and mysteriously) asserts “doesn’t exist” somehow figures in a murder?

To this point, there weren’t really any grounds for the mayor to be removed from office. If the Globe’s story leads where it just might, and council doesn’t do what it could, would it not be time for the province to exercise its powers (cf. s. 451.1) under the Municipal Act?

Ford with murdered drug dealer Anthony Smith.
Photo was supplied to the media by men who possess the video allegedly showing Ford smoking crack.


  1. Michael says:

    “I have not seen or does not exist”

    If there is no way no how a video could exist, because you have never in your life smoked crack, you unequivocally say that there is no video. Because there would be no possible way for it to exist.

    “I have not seen or does not exist” are the weasel words of someone trying to get away with something.

  2. Dennis Hollingsworth says:

    This is really, absolutely incredible that Now (in addition to all the anti-social behaviours that stick to the Ford Bros. like a Gigantic Body-Bag Sized Crazy-Glue Label) a homicide has been attached directly to Toronto’s ongoing Ford Bros. Fiasco Circus !!

    • Ted B says:

      Well… I’m all for getting rid of this circus, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, just yet.

      A homicide has not been “attached directly” to Ford. According to an anonymous source – someone who does not want to speak on the record – the police asked some questions of a staffer.

      When it comes to this kind of an accusation, best to let time do its work. If there is some direct connection, it will definitely come out.

      We really know absolutely zero about this right now.

      But it is another avenue for questions to the Mayor.

  3. A guest here says:

    WOW!!! I am gobsmacked, fiction writers could not create such a story because it woul be considered to fantastical to have any air of reality.

  4. I am shocked. Doug Ford referring to the video owner as ‘extortionists’. That implies something doesn’t it? ‘Un-Named sources’ in the Mayors Office claiming that ‘they know the address where the video is’, then the Rob Ford statement that video doesn’t exist. Now a murder investigation? This has stopped being a story about a clownish buffoon of a Mayor and an overbearing political ‘clan’. Hash dealing, crack videos, extortion, and murder. This story needs to come out. All of it, and in public. Let the Police investigate, and let them do it promptly. I pray that the media earns their pay as watchdogs of democracy. THIS is the reason we grant press freedoms and immunities. So the truth will out. I honestly do not know what to think, other than I need more information.

  5. Graham says:


    Another story with outlandish claims citing the media’s go to guys, the un-named sources.

    • smelter rat says:

      Another member of Ford Nation with his head up his ass.

      • Graham says:

        Nope. Just hate the media’s constant use of “un-named sources”.

        I expect better of a media outlet that bills themselves as Canada’s “Newspaper of Record”. This kind of stuff just puts them in the gutter with the supermarket tabloids.

        This is the kind of crap that was being “reported” on ultra left wing conspiracy theory blogs last week.

        Watch out John Cook, Robyn Doolittle, Kevin Donovan………you might be next!

        It’s absurd.

        • Elizabeth says:

          You really shouldn’t threaten people.

          Anonymous sources have always been, and always will be the way in which legitimate information gets around and out to the people. Those who want to prevent anonymity would be the first to claim it for themselves, and they’re also kind of fascist.

        • Let’s not confuse the role of unnamed sources in Journalism and that of anonymous posters on the internet.

          See ‘Mark Felt’ for more info.

        • wsam says:

          Why would you give either of the Ford brothers the benefit of the doubt?

          Rob has repeatedly been caught lying. Every time he has gotten caught doing something … like … say, getting drunk and berating people at a Leaf’s game, for example … he has tried to lie his way out. Every time he has been proven a liar.

          Hmmm … Graham. I have a great investment deal for you. You will make a lot of money.

        • Charred Burny says:

          is that you doug?

        • ray says:

          thanks to Harris and amalgamation we can count on more idiots as mayors of Toronto.let the suburbs rule and send in the clowns.

      • Charred Burny says:

        what he said…
        head outta ass…
        join the rest of us…
        it stinks to high heaven…
        no love for this mayor…
        but I honestly hope this is wrong…

    • “The Globe and Mail says it has confirmed through two separate, but unnamed sources that a staffer within the Mayor’s Office told a senior member of Rob Ford’s staff that the original owner of the video was killed, possibly because of the value of the contents of that video.”

      Don’t be so thick. The Globe does not run around making up not one but two sources, and to claim they did is frankly absurd. They care about their reputation, and the same holds true for the Hash dealing story. If they claim they have 10 witnesses who are unnamed, then they do. Based on todays bombshell, I would have to say that I would sure as hell remain anonymous before spilling the beans on any of the Ford clan, so those 10 anonymous witnesses are probably seriously regretting speaking to the Globe. Please note that Ford Staffers are discussing a video of Ford smoking crack, and they certainly believed that the video existed. In case you missed that, FORD staffers apparently believed there was a video of Rob Ford smoking crack, and speculated that the owner of that video was murdered over it? Seriously, partisanship has little to do with this story now.

      • Graham says:


        Two un-named sources tell the same story. Guess what? You now have the story “confirmed” by two “sources”.

        They claim Ford staffers. Your point is…….

        Icould call the Globe with an anonymous tip claimimg I work in the Mayor’s office. Doesn’t mean I do.

        Putting “sources” before of after a statement doesn’t make it true.

        • Warren says:

          Graham, you’d have more support if you used your real name, yourself.

          • Reality.Bites says:

            Doubt it. He has little credibility now. Showing his name would likely only prove why he has so little credibility.

          • Graham says:

            Graham is my real name.

            The Matthew I registered my emaill account under which I use to comment on these boards is my middle name.

            Any other questions?

        • Michael says:

          Graham, unnamed does not mean anonymous. The Globe knows the names, the they only spoke on the condition their real names not be used. But then I am sure you already probably knew that bit of information.

  6. Alex says:

    Yesterday, I posted a comment saying that the press needed to do more if they wanted the drug allegations against the Ford brothers to stick. This may have just done that. If this is true, my God, this soap opera may have just become a horror show.

  7. Ding Ming-Wong says:

    Wow, this story keeps getting worse and worse. I would strongly encourage everyone here to donate $100 towards the current fundraising effort
    to purchase the videotape in question. I just donated $250 myself. It is well worth it if you ask me.

    Let’s get this Alpha Male football coach bully brute out of office and deal a crushing blow to their racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-intellectual,
    REDNECK WHITE TRASH supporters in “Ford Nation”. These people are no different to the Ameri-KKK-an Republi-KLAN “Tea Party”! Rob and
    Doug are our very own Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber! I can almost hear the banjo from “Deliverance” playing when I see pictures of
    “Ford Nation” lol


    Ding Ming-Wong

  8. Tracey says:

    Now every word uttered by the Ford’s could be used against them. Law & Order music please.

  9. MoS says:

    When I read Ford’s claim that the video doesn’t exist the words “any more” popped into my mind. And I began wondering whether the supposed Somali drug dealers likewise existed “any more”?

    It’s hard to imagine that their colleagues in the illicit drug industry would have been happy at the attention drawn to their business by all this publicity. These are people who do not revel in public attention and could have just as much interest, perhaps more, than Rob Ford in seeing this all go away. People in criminal circles who draw gratuitous attention to themselves have a way of disappearing.

    • Graham says:

      New polling this morning from Forum Research, which tends to be very anti Ford, shows his core support UNCHANGED at 36% through all this.

      They still claim Chow would win head to head, but then again, anyone the put up against Ford head to head would beat him, so take that as you will.

      • Graham says:

        Forgot to add, as a general rule I don’t take any polling seriously.

      • Reality.Bites says:

        Why the surprise? His support always consisted of brain-dead thugs like himself. They’re not going to get smarter or less thuggish.

        • The Doctor says:

          36% of the Metro Toronto electorate consists of brain-dead thugs? Wow.

          • Reality.Bites says:

            No, I’m sure some of them are extremely cynical.

            But I will state flat out – there was never any point in his career at which Rob Ford was not a complete disgrace to his office. Anyone who ever cast a vote for him should hang their head in shame if they are not a brain-dead thug.

          • ray says:

            as I said earlier the burbs outnumber the city and they vote. unless you reverse amalgamation(the Harris and now Harper thugs knew/know exactly what they were doing) you will get Fords in perpetuity when Toronto needs a Prius.

          • Dabbri says:

            Here’s what I dont get…why not de-amalgamate? Its very clear that the core and the suburbs will be at each others throats as long as they remain in one city. Whats the point of creating these mega cities? We had a similar thing here in Ottawa where Nepean and Kanata were well run municipalities with great service until we were amalgamated with Ottawa, when property taxes went up and service went down.
            I can only imagine how bad it must be in a city four times larger. Plenty of US cities have one core city and lots of suburban municipalities surrounding it. You’re going to keep getting these Rob Fords if you keep forcing these arranged marriages.

  10. Graham says:

    Let’s assume the video does exist, and the original owner has been murdered

    Let’s also assume that either:

    The “onwers” own gang killed him because they didn’t like the attention this was bringing to their “business”, or

    A rival did it to sell it himself.

    So, if it is the second scenario, should Gawker raise the $200,000 to buy it, do they?

    • Graham says:

      That should of course be “owners”, not onwers.

    • rumleyfips says:

      There are more than 2 scenatios Graham. Let’s assume that someone has rid the king of this turbulent priest. Just as fair don’t you think?

      Should Gawker purchase this video if any of these scenarios apply? Of course. It may be evidence in a murder enquirey. Buying it an giving the police access to important information would be good citizenship.

    • ray says:

      follow the money. who benefits most if the video is or is not released. as of 2.20 pm today the fund is 7.000 dollars away. let the games begin.

  11. J.W. says:

    The Fords seem to have a very high level of certainty that the video “doesn’t exist”. A definitive declaration they were not apparently able to make a week ago.

    • Warren says:

      I noticed that, too.

      I guess they figure a copy hasn’t been made of the one at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

      • Pipes says:

        I actually believe there is a possibility that the Ford`s bought the tape. This whole thing reads like a $100 movie script.

        Bad guys have a tape.
        They want to extortéblackmail money from someone who has money and a lot to lose.
        Bad guys let Ford`s know what they have.
        Ford`s shit themselves.
        Maybe Ford`s use Chicago connections to give bad guys an òffer they can`t refuse`
        During this period-Ford`s get organized.
        They don`t speak to anyone.
        Bad guys are waiting and make good on a threat to release tape to media for a higher price or same price.
        Bad guys get paid by Ford
        Ford has tape, bad guys have money and maybe a beating.
        Ford comes out denying everything with confidence.
        Bag guys or someone has an additional copy hanging around-script continues………………..

        You have to admit, there is some possibility here.

  12. Melissa says:

    Guilty until proven innocent! I guess that’s the rationale based on that photo showing Doug Ford with two homies and the video ransom demand.

    Btw, why have two faces been pixeled out while one face is not? Perhaps the mysterious faces should be shown too unless it’s too controversial or too incriminating.

    I hope the TO police are doing a thorough investigation of this grim situation for all our sakes.

  13. steve says:

    If this were a movie, like say Broken City, it would be highly connected/protected elements of the security apparatus who disappeared the video and film crew. I would still like to think in Canada such a scenario is beyond the pale.

  14. Nic Coivert says:

    Language reveals unintended truths; Doug Ford referring to the drug dealers as extortionists is as good as admitting the video does exist, if Rob Ford never smoked crack then there would be no possible evidence to extort with…

    • tf says:

      Well, that’s what I’m thinking –

      If I were Rob, I would know immediately if I was in a room with drug dealers smoking crack.
      If I know that, I would also know who were the drug dealers and would also know who held the phone – wasn’t one of the quotes “you better not be videotaping this.” So now a videotape comes out – if I were Rob I would know immediately who took the video and would know how to contact them.

      If I were Doug and if my family had contacts with low level gangsters, I would immediately move to liquidize the video and any of those witnesses.

      I just want to say how disturbed I am by sitting politicians also having radio shows. How can that be the way of a modern society? How can the public continue to tolerate that?

  15. partrick says:

    Well, it’s only a murder, likely of a minority and a drug dealer, so I see a bump in Crack Nation’s approval of our Crack mayor. And I right this offensive statement wishing it tobe completely outrageous, offensive and “ridiculous” but …….
    Doug speaks of “extortionists” and I wonder if the owners of the video first went to the Ford’s or decided they didn’t want that rap on their head and let the press do the extortion for them – announcing the existence, setting the price and terms – while pretending to offer the video to journalists.
    Verrrryyyy snneeakkky!

  16. po'd says:

    When does the reality show start? Hey Rob, Donald Trump here…

    Growing up Ford??

  17. dave says:

    Isn’t this the kind of news that we are supposed to be getting about some benighted city or nation somewhere far away? The kind of news that gets us to pity those poor others, and feel decent and righteous about ourselves?

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Someone on twitter (who lives in Montreal) said early on that the video-holder would be in danger of his life, from Ford’s friends. Dangerous games, I hope it’s not true.

  19. Rick says:

    If these are low level drug dealers attempting to extort money it’s entirely possible that higher ups in the drug trade chain ordered the elimination of the blackmailers to protect themselves and protect the Mayor too. If I was the supplier to these idiots, I would consider that a necessary business move to keep the public and police heat off. Nothing worse than having media lights being shone on the drug business empire operating in the shadows! Just saying.

  20. Glenna Miles says:

    Can Rob Ford not look at that photo and identify himself in it? Has he asked to meet with the other people in the photo to establish where and when it was taken? Does he own the clothes on the person indicated as himself? Will he invite these people to his radio show and allow people to speak to them? He seems positively giddy now that a week or more has passed, a companion in the photo is murdered and he claims no video exists. What kind of statement is that? Where is the phone that contains that video right now? Is there a back-up copy somewhere? More questions than answers.

  21. Mark says:

    Ford is worried about someone in the media getting their hands on the video. Possible solution: get a staffer to report hearing a staffer make a link between the video and a crime. That gets the Police trying to get their hands on the video, not just various media outlets. Those in possession of the video will now be even more scared and will disappear along with the video, no matter what the potential financial payoff.

  22. Lynn says:

    Wow. this is a circus or side show or something yet unnamed
    and I thought of this:
    Emerson, Lake and Palmer
    Karn Evil
    Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends….


    Sorry Warren, loved the Sex Pistols and a few of the punk bands (would know the song not the band) but it was not my genre.

  23. Marie says:

    Wait, I’m confused. Staff Inspector Greg McLane, the head of the Toronto police homicide division, told CP24 that the investigation was not related to a homicide but his officers conducted the interview because they have expertise other police officers may not.

  24. Jason says:

    I just find this whole thing totally frustrating… and everyone seems to be coming out smelling like dog poo…

    – Fords. This circus act is getting very silly. At this point – I’d like them to either sue for defamation of character (and make the Media come up with actual evidence) or admit that there is something very wrong and start addressing the issues. Not really sure what we are waiting for.

    – Globe and Mail – there article was very interesting – but it feels like it would have been a lot more powerful if they were able to work on it a bit longer (maybe even find a real source willing to talk). Makes me wonder if they went early because they knew it would generate a lot of interest and they have a paywall website that isn’t doing that great in sales. Also if they have really been working on this since 2011 – why didn’t we hear about this during the election?

    – Toronto Star – once Gawker released the story – and they were forced to act early, they should have just bought the video! The ad revenue they would have pulled in for the exclusive would have easily made up for the $200K cost. They stuck there toe into the water, caused a huge stir, and then refused to get the rest of their feet wet. Now the video is likely lost forever and no one will be able to prove anything. Someone is clearly lying to us – the Star or the Fords. Having the video would have solved this really fast.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      I think (not speaking for the Star here) it was not so much a matter of money as the principle of paying for a story – chequebook journalism as it’s known. And not only paying, but paying it to criminals.

      In retrospect I think it was the wrong decision. They would not have been paying for the story. They would have been paying for hard, incontrovertible evidence that could not be obtained in any other way. And paying to safeguard the continued existence of the evidence.

      The wrong decision, but still a morally justifiable decision.

  25. William says:

    TorontoStar @TorontoStar
    Breaking News: Rob Ford’s two communications aides, press secretary George Christopoulos and Isaac Ransom, have both resigned. #robford

    Ford reminds me of Jack Nicholson in “The Departed”…..”replacing” everyone around him when he gets paranoid.

  26. Michael S says:

    So, press secretary and deputy press secretary have resigned “on a matter of principle”. Only junior staffers left.

  27. smelter rat says:

    This just in……Rob Ford’s Spokesman, George Christopoulos Quits.

  28. Nasty Bob says:

    Two seniors staffers now out of mayor’s office – It’s like ships leaving a sinking rat !

  29. William says:

    At first it’s just crack………then it becomes a gaping chasm.

  30. deb s says:

    well things are unfolding at lightening speed. Too bad the two staff that need to quit wont. The only way this story gets even crazier is if one ford or both disappear:P that or get pushed from a window. Jesus…the city and the mayor need an intervention:P

  31. Justin says:

    Call lieutenant Columbo!

  32. ray says:

    political cartoon I’d like to see

    Rob Ford leaving office.
    Raises arms above head.
    then famously says
    “I am not a schnook” 🙂

  33. Iris Mclean says:

    Do the Fords own rural property?

  34. theblockhead says:

    It isn’t clear to me that s. 451.1 (1) of the Municipal Act applies, as per s. 7.1 (1). I’m no expert on municipal law (far from it) but with a quick skim, I can’t find anything in the City of Toronto Act that would bring s. 451.1 of the Municipal Act into force re. the City. If I’m right, it would take an act of the Provincial Legislature to remove Ford.

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