05.09.2013 01:25 PM

The Palma Violets cover the Hot Nasties

Yes, you read that right.

I am never, ever shocked.  Honestly, nothing shocks me.  But this shocked me.

Back story: a few days ago, my pal Nadwuar got in touch with me via Twitter.  Wanted my email.  Sent it to him.  Didn’t hear anything else.

Then Simon at Ugly Pop sends me this, this aft, about the Palma Violetsone my fave new combos, to whom I was introduced by Jian Gomeshi.


Holy crap. I literally watched that vid with my mouth hanging open. And it was true, too – they cover the Nasties, here, and it has been written about in places like the Washington Post, here.

And so, you might ask, how did I not know this, given that the Palma Violets were in town a few days ago? ‘Cause we were pooped, and we decided not to go. So I missed it.  I MISSED IT.

Not again. Next time they are near Canada, we’re goin’.

Wait’ll I tell SFH about this tonight. Maybe now Rolf will agree to cover Nasties’ tunes.


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    ritalinboy says:

    hey i’m saying yes! me say no? heck I learned secret of immortality! when are we going on tour with these guys?

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    crf says:

    You better fix your post before Nardwuar finds out. He could make sure you never forget the time you misspelled his name, on blog post read by maybe dozens of people. Beware.

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    smelter rat says:

    Youz are gonna be famous, i tell ya!

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    Justin Time says:

    Bit late and derivative, don’t you think? Cutting edge for 1976.

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      Tim says:

      Wow. 1. They’re kids Justin. 2. Kids who get to stay up late, drink and drug and have plenty of sex. 3. It’s not a fucking formal art form. 4. If they’re better than pretty good we’ll find out soon enough.
      In the meantime please refer to 1 & 2.

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    Simon Ugly Pop says:

    This was temporarily unavailable when we ran out of inserts, but I had reprinted them this morning and was literally packing Hot Nasties singles when I received the email from Narwuar! Anyways, back in stock, go grab yourself a copy and scoop some more classic Canadian punk rock while you’re at it.


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