05.22.2013 08:18 PM

The Toronto Sun (!): get help and step aside, Rob Ford

Wow. Just, wow.

The problem is the drug allegations have now paralyzed this agenda.

It’s a distraction that utterly undermines Ford’s ability to manage a dysfunctional council that opposes any notion of restraint.

Ford needs to directly address these allegations, or get help and step aside.

He must be prepared, for the city’s sake and his own, to do one or the other.


  1. He should hold out for what is behind door number 3, what has he to lose? Ford, unlike Marion Barry was placed in power and the same bunch that put him there are probably already out looking for the next buffoon. I imagine Ford has enough information on the whole bunch that they will have to find him new digs when he is ousted, it’s funny they have not realized the taint is only spreading onto them. The Conservatives invested so much in Ford Nation that they are as paralyzed by this as he is, caught between the rock and the hard place, he should choose the hard place.

  2. Cameron Prymak says:

    Curious, we are watching the same PR tactic being used in Toronto and Ottawa.

    Contrast that with Obama who seems intent on speaking to the public, no matter what heat he will take.

    • Graham says:

      Obama can SAY they will get to the bottom of, for example, the IRS targeting Conservative groups from 2010 when the Tea Party movement started until just before the 2012 election, but it means nothing.

      They are hollow words because the person with the answers sat in front of a Congressional hearing today and pled the 5th.

  3. Graham says:

    I know Gawker still has the fundraising campaign going, but is there any indication the video is still available for them to buy should they reach their goal of getting the $200,000?

    I don’t do twitter, Facebook or any of the other “social media” thingy’s. Have those at Gawker been in contact with holder of the video since they began raising funds?

    Is it possible Ford won’t address this because he or someone close to him has already bought the video?

    • Kelly says:

      You don’t seriously think there’s only one copy, do you? These are drug dealers were talking about. If I were them I’d sell the video Rob Ford and then I’d sell it to Gawker too. Double my money.

      • Graham says:

        I have no idea if more than one copy exists.

        If there is more than one, would it not be likely that another person in possession of it to offer it up for less to under cut the guys dealing with Gawker?

        Their price seem’s to be $200,000 as that is what Gawker is attempting to raise.

        If somone else had a copy as well, wouldn’t it make sense, with the interest in this story around the world, to offer it up fo half the price to another buyer, say one of the english tabloids, and make a quick $100,000?

        • Kaspar Juul says:

          If you sold the video at half the price to another buyer you’d have two situations.

          1. If the other party revealed possession of the video, it easily kills the Gawker deal. Goodbye $200k.

          2. Who would buy a copy of the video after Gawker buys it? It’s pretty easy to scrape it from Gawker once it’s online.

          It just seems impossible to try to double sell such a publicly known video without jeaparding their potential cash in. If the Ford nation was to get their hands on the video and bury it then Ford will have to deal with the allegations of being a crack head for the rest of his career.

          It’s like the idea that its faked. The 200k might be a nice deposit on the vfx bill as it wouldn’t be cheap to make

          • Graham says:

            Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I’m not talking about trying to sell a hypothetical second copy AFTER Gawker buys it.

            Look at it this way. You have a copy and are the one who offered it up to Gawker for $200,000.

            Another copy exists and I am in possession of it. While you wait for Gawker to raise the funds, why wouldn’t I try to sell my copy at a reduced price to another outlet BEFORE Gawker raises the $200,000 to buy the one you have?

            Why would I care about killing your deal with Gawker?

  4. Michael S says:

    Rob is about to get the Fredo treatment.

    Doug still has ambitions and his steaming pile of shit brother is getting in the way.

  5. Mark says:

    somebody needs to get the Ford/Harper bbq pics in circulation again!

  6. Philippe says:

    Wonder if Rob brought this up with Harper while fishing.

  7. His ability to manage council was undermined years ago. This has undermined his ability to appear in a public place without being hounded.

  8. Graham says:

    680 News in Toronto is reporting the Star is considering buying the video.

  9. partrick says:

    Yeah, right, the Ford agenda, “Gravy, Subways, Subways, Subways, TAXPAYERS!” has been undermined by Ford. Well, other than slogans, Ford has had no agenda to undermine since there was no plan attached to this eloquent spew of silly slogans. Giving Rob credit for anything other than getting potholes filled and an admirable pathological need to return phone calls l while a councillor, is so absurd in the overwhelming proof of his failure to function as mayor.

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