05.27.2013 08:21 PM

Toronto city limits

H/T Cheyenne.

SFH’s new record will fit right in!



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    Steve T says:

    As a Manitoban, I have no interest in this Ford thing one way or another. However, now that the $200k has been raised, we will see whether Gawker.com puts up or shuts up. I am giving 50/50 odds that someone takes the money and runs – either producing no video, or something horribly photo-shopped. Unfortunately, so many people (include the Globe & Mail) have hung so much on this video, that if it doesn’t turn out to be real, Ford will come out smelling like more of a rose than if he had to answer for all his other shenanigans.

    Then again, if the video does appear, and even has a semblance of legitimacy, Ford is completely toast.

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      Kelly says:

      I’m from Manitoba too but I’m very interested in this Ford affair. Rob Ford is a symbol. He is a walking metaphor for what’s going on in the culture war Stephen Harper and Preston Manning started. Rob Ford is supposed to be symbolic of the suburban everyman who works hard and gets held back by the Liberal elites. The beauty of this mess is that the reality is right there for all to see — Harper’s base is comprised of selfish ignorant angry white guys who feel hard done by by “minorities” and “orientals” (Fords’s words) and who are actually holding back the country and making us dumber and poorer. I hope Ford and Harper and Duffer and Toews and Kenney and the whole lot of them get trashed at the polls and we can get this country back on track.

      At the very least a city responsible for a third of Canada’s GDP all by itself (Westerners really need to put this in perspective — maybe even travel there sometime or live there for awhile) is in complete utter disarray.

      You should care.

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    smelter rat says:

    As another Manitoban, I couldn’t agree more!

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    smelter rat says:

    My comment was for Kelly.

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    vancitydan says:


    To make a “photoshopped” thing, even horribly done, is something that would require special effects that don’t exist yet.

    Hollywood experts in the field have already said that in relation to this story. If it comes out, it is the video that we are all talking about because, simply put, it is currently impossible to fake such a thing.

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