06.07.2013 06:04 AM

Carol Goar: why won’t Wynne government help the victims of institutional abuse?

A must-read:

Ontario once ran 16 of these institutions. All are closed now. But shutting the doors doesn’t undo the damage provincial employees did to thousands of cognitively disabled youngsters.

The province has silenced them for half a century. But their day of reckoning will come — no matter how many legal roadblocks the government erects.


  1. Cath says:

    Funny isn’t it Warren. This is the best story on this website today and it doesn’t seem any one cares enough to comment.
    You do in posting so thanks for that.
    I do because remember this and all of the promises made and not kept by government after government after government.
    You’d think with the outcry for more work and resources for mental illness these women would see some action before they become yet one more grim statistic.
    I am the daughter of not one but two parents who suffered from mental illness. One parent made it, the other did not.

    So, what’s grabbing our attention today? Idiot scandals of the month. Even here. Sad comment on what’s important isn’t it?

  2. ray says:

    I went to the Star link and could not get past the photo. I remember visiting that building as a child of eight to see my brother who was institutionalized there. Too many memories. Excuse me but I’m going to go dry me tears now.

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