06.07.2013 07:11 AM

Ford’s friends


One resident of the home where Mayor Rob Ford was photographed with murder victim Anthony Smith has been convicted of trafficking cocaine.

Her brother, Fabio Basso, was convicted in 2005 of possessing a prohibited weapon.

I love how law and order Conservatives keep trying to defend this sleaze and slime.  Mostly because, in so doing, they’re destroying their brand in and around the GTA.


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    Edward Woodward says:

    The body pulled from Lake Ontario last night wrapped in Plastic is Jasmin Basso!!

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      Warren says:

      There’s no news reports of any such thing.

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    Robin says:

    Richard Nixon famously declared: “If the President does it, it’s not illegal!” Our Canadian Conservatives (wannabe Republicans) are simply applying trickle down legal immunity: “If a Conservative does it, it’s not illegal!” It’s important to understand the Conservative thought process. Another example: “We will never accept gold plated taxpayer funded MP pensions until we are eligible, that is. I respect Rathbeger, he has integrity.

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    Robin says:

    Is it true that the compromise reached between National Defence and the PMO after two years of harassment to paint the Military’s VIP Airbus the PC Party colours was: 1. The lettering on the side of the plane above the windows must say: Government of Canada not The Harper Government, and; 2. The French lettering must proceed the English (a resentful jab at the PM for insisting on painting the aircraft in a colour that will attract enemy fire in war zones)? Any hints?

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