06.12.2013 07:05 AM

If Stephen Harper did this kind of thing more often, he’d be Prime Minister for 100 years


  1. LeeJ says:

    I think this was shot before his alien abduction 😐

    • His team are trying to use this in a blatantly obvious attempt to change the channel away from all the scandals at the moment. They desperately want to make him look human. Even though this attempt at humour is potentially damaging: He seemed awfully giddy (to the point of irritating) on election night 2011… Kind of like someone who knew the election was rigged… the video clearly shows how annoyed his wife and son were too… They weren’t amused and the laughter was sparse. The fact that his team “leaked” this shows how fearful they are that their days are numbered. If Harper doesn’t get his polling numbers up by the end of the summer, the ambitious people in his party will rip him to pieces and put in a new leader. He can either resign with some dignity or they will force him out. The release of this video is the final death rattle of his career. It’s all over but the crying. This is all they’ve got… and it’s more likely to make Canadians feel creeped out than make them laugh.

  2. Derek Pearce says:

    I am floored. He’s an actual human being, wow! One question: who was the last impression of? With the hands and all? It rang a bell but I couldn’t place it…

  3. Clearly he is possessed by demons.

  4. Michael Bussiere says:

    Maybe he can learn to do an impersonation of someone with warm blood and a pulse. And I’ll bet Mulroney has already invented several new curse words to describe Harper. He could probably write a lexicon.

  5. PeggyW says:

    Guess it’s too warm to dress him up in a nice blue sweater, so they decided to trot this out instead…

  6. Mark says:

    Won’t be able to get away with using “ICI POUR LE CANADA” again without being sued by ICI-RADIO-CANADA.

  7. jj says:

    last one was Manning

  8. Ridiculosity says:

    Funny? Humanizing?

    The Nixon bit is a tad too Freudian. Disturbing to see it delivered by the Prime Minister of my country.

  9. smelter rat says:

    Show us the cheque.

  10. billg says:

    A wakeboarding ex Pm and a voice impersonating current PM.
    Suck it world !!!

  11. KP says:

    Why don’t we see that guy more often? I (kind of) like that guy.

  12. Bruce A says:

    No he won’t/

  13. deb s says:

    his nixon impression is scary real…perhaps this was always his exit strategy, lol!
    to me he is human, but still a narcissist!

  14. !o! says:

    I think they were saving it for some time closer to the next election.

    Doesn’t make too much sense to release it now, this far out, if theyre concerned about those outside the base.

    But their policy convention is coming up, which I think this is related to. Even amongst really hardcore conservatives, people are saying they’re fed up with SH.

    • Michael Bussiere says:

      Flaherty made an announcement in Pickering the other day. Like the rest of them, he refers to “The Harper Government” and “Prime Minister Stephen Harper” in every bloody announcement. Can’t you just hear the conversation that must take place? “Now, Jim, you’re going to mention my name right? Don’t forget, ok!”.

      Sheesh, it’s so freaking juvenile and it’s getting more and more hard to stomach. I honestly cannot figure out how his crowd can stand the sight of him anymore. We all know it’s the shallowest of individuals who constantly need to have their ever-so amazing gifts from God acknowledged.

      • !o! says:

        His popularity amongst supporters is dropping, probably faster than amongst the general population. (partly due to the fact that he was never exceptionally popular outside of his base, just not exceptionally unpopular)

    • !o! says:

      As if on cue…

      The prime minister’s silly side: Harper’s impersonations win over the (Tory) crowd


      ““He’s very good,” Treasury Board President Tony Clement told reporters after viewing the video Wednesday. “This is not an isolated incident, I must say. So I don’t know whether that means that Yuk Yuks is going to have a new founding member or what, but he’s very good. Let’s just put it that way.”

      ” ‘Particularly, he got Joe Clark really good, including Joe Clark’s ho, ho, ho laugh,’ said Conservative Sen. Marjory LeBreton, ‘He’s very respectful of the office (of prime minister) and but he is a very private person and I think that’s a plus,’ she said. ‘I think that’s what Canadians want but he does have a very, very funny side to him that obviously was revealed today.’ ”

      Transparent as all hell. But it will have an effect on the convention.

      • Swervin' Merv says:

        Tony Clement: “So I don’t know whether that means that Yuk Yuks is going to have a new founding member or what, but he’s very good. Let’s just put it that way.”

        Translation: “It’s nice that he’ll have a fall-back gig when we drop him as leader, maybe before the next election–if he continues to stink.”

  15. hatrock says:

    I’ve been trying to find the CTV video of the Press Gallery Dinner when Harper was in opposition. I think from 2005. He did an impression of John McCallum that was scary spot-on.

  16. frmr disgruntled Con now Happy Lib says:

    I remember a pundit saying Preston Manning always spoke as if his underwear was three sizes too small…..Harper’s impression of Manning brought that home…..he missed the key word “Refoooorm”, however….but then I don’t suppose “Dear Leader” likes to use that word much these days…..

  17. Pipes says:

    Chretien was elected for a hundred years and I bet he is one fun dude too!

  18. kitt says:

    Making fun of others is funny? Not in my world. Crime minister is still a narcissistic psycho dictator.

    How much $$$$ did he raise for charity?

  19. steve says:

    I love how the liberal press force fed it to us on every channel

  20. wilson says:

    The impressions were good fun. But the way Ben and his Dad related to each other was the best part.

  21. Ann C says:

    Michael Corleone

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Not terribly funny – and “bubble-wrapped” by the people around him, also including his family, looks like. Stephen is so wonderful, Stephen is so talented – been going on his whole life. Coddled, and he looks like it.

    Far as I’m concerned it shows a nasty side to his character, willingness to make fun of people because he actually believes that he’s superior.

    He’s a fathead, always will be.

    Imagine if a similar video starring Justin Trudeau had been uncovered? But – there was that lesson from his father, to never poke fun at people for who they are, but only to criticize or lampoon their policies – never the person.

    That’s class, and Harper doesn’t have it.

    • icynic says:

      get out and vote next – time pass it on
      ask people to make intelligent choices
      challenge idiot or easily manipulated sycophants to see beyond self interest
      question everything

  23. icynic says:

    true friends always enjoy the show although they have seen your act many times before.
    from a New Orleans souvenir
    This video shows why a Comedy program was cancelled-
    they turned down the audition tape from the PM
    a real hoot or a joke
    My bets are Mr Harper wants to retire as PM and outlive McKenzie King’s record
    My hopes are for Canada not personal gains for entitled elites that bleed money with their high pay pensions and perks while governments attack the weakest workers
    resource extractors and wealth manipulators plus tax evaders are all
    prepared after the G 20 in toronto (it does not deserve a capitol t) after the rights abuses and social engineering that happened there
    but the coerced citizens will eventually want better than an actor with powerful backers
    someone to lead all Canadians to a better not more coercive future
    easy to mock past leaders. some walk a mile in my shoes is needed from Harper to truly understand citizens’ concerns; not pandering to business elites.Government should not to be used to control the weak but the opposite -empower them who need it most – so walk a mile in un-intitled shoes before your PR team truly destroys you Steve

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