06.11.2013 07:37 AM

Mayor On Crack Video: almost 10,000 hits in a week!

It’s an official SFH contest: be the first to put us over 10,000 YouTube views! Prizes galore!  Runners-up will get SFH to come to their abode, and play a set, gratis!  Grand first-place prize: we won’t come at all, and we won’t play anywhere near you or yours!


  1. partrick says:

    Well that pretty much stalls the count at 9,998 with that prize package.

  2. Gary McHale says:

    Where are the songs about the corruption within the McGuinty government? I’ll bet you would get a million hits.

  3. Gary McHale says:

    You could start with the fact that Superior Court Judges ordered Commissioner Fantino to be criminally charged for threatening elected officials, and the following year ordered Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis and Supt. Ron Gentle criminally charged for obstructing justice because they ordered officers to arrest me regardless of the evidence. Since McGuinty appointed Lewis as current Commissioner after the court ordered him charged would be a good place to start regarding corruption within the McGuinty government.

    But, hey, all you have is an alleged video that doesn’t exist anymore – such great evidence to smear a conservative, but multiple Superior Court rulings against corrupt senior OPP officers appointed by McGuinty isn’t real evidence is it?

    Furthermore, at least 6 different Superior Courts have ruled against the actions of the OPP in Caledonia with other officers being criminally charged as well.

    How about the fact that McGuinty was forced to pay out $20 million to settle the Caledonia Class Action Lawsuit that was filed against his government and another $23 million to pay off the builders and a further $80 million to cover extra police costs in Caledonia – that is 80 years worth of normal policing costs in Caledonia.

    Or better still the fact that almost every single native protester who has been criminally charged was being paid by the McGuinty government – don’t believe me then read the Native newspaper called Turtle Island News. In two years one Native, who repeatedly pulled hydro towers across the road, was paid $300,000 according to the Ontario government website.

    Meanwhile, Sam Gaultieri, who was almost beaten to death and suffers permanent brain damage, has had his lawsuit in the court system for the past 6 years without receiving a penny from McGuinty.

    I can send you the court rulings if you want to post them.

  4. William says:

    Congrats on “CRACK”-ing 10k views.

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