07.23.2013 02:50 PM

An honourable thing to do

Guys like Morgan rarely get kudos for doing the right thing, so I say: kudos for doing the right thing. ┬áNice to see that it still occasionally happens in Harper’s Ottawa.


  1. Robert K. says:

    Indeed an honourable and likely very expensive action that Mr. Morgan took. It is no small thing to willingly give up a full and probably very substantial salary on such short notice. Who says there isn’t sacrifice in the public service.

    • Ottawa Civil Servant says:

      Hey, Robert K., the guy who quit was a lobbyist, not a public servant. And a Tory, at that. The person who stayed is the CoS.

      And it wasn’t a factor before because he lobbied DND, not Justice.

  2. Fraternite says:

    I don’t get it; the timing is curious.

    She’s been Nicholson’s CoS for a long time, and she even had a screen when they were in Justice so it’s not like it’s new that his job is putting her in conflict. Why is he resigning now? The shuffle was almost a week ago. Did this just hit the media or something today? How was this not a factor in the shuffle calculus?

    • Tiger says:

      Her new job does add a new conflict — he has defence clients, she’s now CoS to the Minister of Defence.

      Apparently the Ethics Commissioner was willing to help them set up a structure that would let them keep their jobs (an “ethical wall”); they decided it was too complicated, so he quit.

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