07.05.2013 08:11 AM

Breaking: Stephen Harper still doesn’t know anything about anything! Also: bonus poll!

Try out our highly scientific poll! Do you believe that – despite the growing number of senior PMO staff who knew all about the Duffy-Wright dirty deal – the Control Freak In Chief, Stephen Harper, somehow didn’t?

Vote now, vote often! It’s more reliable that a Forum poll!


  1. James Bow says:

    “Duffy owes HOW MUCH?! What? Is he coming us on an apartment in New York City?”

    “I don’t think so, sir. But we think that’s the amount we’re looking at. We’re hoping that party coffers can cover this–”

    “No way! No how! That’s too much! We give beyond $32,000, and our senators will think we’re a bank. There’ll be NOTHING that they’ll hold back on. They–”

    “SHH! Here comes the prime minister!”

    “Do-dee-do-do-do! Hi, Guys! What’cha doing?”

    (Long pause)

    (Chorus) “Nothin'”

    Yeah. I can perfectly see that. (sarcasm)

  2. Tired of it All says:

    Obviously. With a wave of his tax-payer funded, well manicured hand, he said “Nige, make this thing go away. Oh, and if you go down in flames, you can eventually have a seat yourself. Buy a place in whereversville, will ya?”

  3. Raymond M. says:

    None of the above.

    What I do think happened is that he told his staff to fix it, and then kept himself wilfully blind as to how they fixed it. So that he could then claim he didn’t know and was never told.

    Of course, in a criminal context (and I’m not alleging this was criminal), being wilfully blind is treated the same as having actual intent.

    • GFMD says:

      I might even go one farther, he had given standing instructions to his people that “if anything of this nature ever happens, make sure I don’t know about it.” Same level of culpability, less direct knowledge is actually possible.

  4. ABoucher says:

    Too bad Weasel Boy Poilievre is on the BBQ circuit and won’t be able to tell us how his boss still knew nothing of this; in the meantime, lets recall what he so eloquently said to the Canadian people in the HoC not too long ago: “Mr. Speaker, can I tell you a secret? Promise you won’t tell anybody? Don’t tell the NDP. Don’t tell the CBC. The prime minister of Canada is the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. And when there are Conservative Party of Canada expenses, including from its leader, it’s paid by the Conservative party. I’ve been meaning to get that off my chest for a while. Please don’t tell the CBC. Please don’t tell the NDP.”

    • GPAlta says:

      He should have added ‘… And when it comes to bribes, we know that is clearly a party expense, our party pays all of its own bribes- up to $32,000- after that we have to do a little money laundering, but we can still fix all the reports we need to without using taxpayers money (sort of)’

    • MCBellecourt says:

      When our very own Pepe Le Pew opens his mouth, you get the stench with the lies free of charge. Polliviere reminds me of a kid in high school I used to know. Everyone knows “that” kid. The one whose lights you sorely wanted to dim a little.

      Any bets on Harper being dumb enough to put him in Cabinet?

  5. J.W. says:

    I’m guessing Paul Wells is the only journalist in Ottawa who actually believes the Prime Minister.

  6. Donovan says:

    This poll sums up the entire reason I read Warren’s site.

    That last answer got milk out of my nose.

  7. crf says:

    Manuel does it much better than Steve

  8. Brad Young says:

    If way back when, when it came to light and Steve said look we have a crook on our hands, I am booting him out of the senate, he would have been a hero. But sociopaths are incapable of ever admitting they are wrong or at fault. They just keep lying and denying.

    • J.W. says:

      What a great point!!

      The best he could do was Helena Guergis something of a pathetic twit married to an idiot with little or no ability to fight back.

  9. MCBellecourt says:

    I love your fun polls, WK. More, please 😀

    How’s your newest (and cutest) member of Daisy Group doing?

  10. !o! says:

    Harper shuns reporters amidst questions of who knew about Duffy payment. (as if he ever didn’t shun reporters, but still, as far as headlines go, I’ll take it, and from CTV to boot)

    The frontrunner turdling harbingers are beginning to hit the massive spinning blades of party demise.

    • deb s says:

      its what most of us in the country figured…now lets hope the RCMP and the opposition can pin it to the big guy and MAKE it stick. Harper had to know and he was one of the key players who orchestrated this.

  11. davidray says:

    the rats may not have sunk the ship yet but I see a huge chunk of ice in the distance… strike up the band.

  12. Robin says:

    Stephen Harper’s motto: “The buck stops here, we pay by cheque only.”

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