07.03.2013 02:32 PM

But smoking crack out on Dixon Road? That’s something we support, dude!

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  1. Michael says:

    Slightly OT. But how the heck to the mayor and deputy mayor, not to mention the mayor’s brother, open call for the defeat of the provincial government, and then go cap in hand to the province looking for money?

    What a bunch of a$$holes

  2. patrick says:

    Safe injection sites will completely decimate crack houses and destroy there vibe. Where’s a casual crack boy like Ford going to hang? He wouldn’t be caught in a safe injection site to save his life.

  3. deb s says:

    I wonder if Rob Ford ever thinks anything through before opening his mouth!
    my guess is the strategy for him and doug is that Rob appear to be antidrug! I wonder what his sister thinks:P

    • MCBellecourt says:

      You know, Deb, perhaps someone needs to tell ol’ Robby this tale.

      “A hunter was following his quarry’s tracks on a snowy Northern BC day, when he came across a little birdie that didn’t quite get an early enough start on his southerly migration. The little bird was barely alive, half-frozen. Thinking quickly, the hunter came across some manure, built a fire, warmed up the manure and stuck the bird in it up to its neck to warm it up.

      About a half-hour later, the bird recovered. Thinking it was spring, it started to tweet a cheery song. A wolf heard the bird from a fair distance, came up and bit the bird’s head off.

      The morals of the story are:

      1.) The person that gets you into shit may not necessarily be your enemy.

      2.) The person that gets you out of shit may not necessarily be your friend.

      ….aaaaaaaaaannnnndd…Most Importantly…………..

      3.) If you’re up to your neck in shit, for crissakes don’t sing your fool head off!!”

      Cheers 😀

  4. Bruce A says:

    Yeah, why would anyone want it, when you can clutter alleys and parks with dirty needles. Keep the paramedics on their toes and emergency room nurses and doctors always need busywork. They’re such slackers. Where kids can watch junkies and pick up and dispose of syringes at no cost to the taxpayer, think of the life experience it provides and it looks good on resumes for the coming conservative apocalypse.

    Yeah, sensible ideas and proposals just don’t cut it with The Rotund One, better to make things as difficult as possible for all concerned and it builds character too. Look how Robbie Boo-Boo has turned out or is that tuned out?

  5. Geoffrey L. says:

    There’s one in Ottawa that they don’t talk much about.. How ’bout people just don’t tell him?

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